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Anna Gunn as Naomi Bishop
James Purefoy as Michael Connor
Margaret Colin as Attorney Cahn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 5 / 10

Love the concept but did not like the delivery.

When I saw the trailer, it did peak my interest. It looks like Wall Street or The Big Short, but with a twist, as the woman is playing the main character. It's a little sad that that's enough to make this situation unique, but it is.

The movie does really focus on the main character too. Well, actually there is a big ensemble cast, which all have their very unique story that really drives the story,

But it does focus a lot on the development of those characters, and the story suffers for this. I just found the movie too slow in it's delivery of the story. I feel like I spent too much time waiting for the story to happen in-between getting to know the characters.

It would not be that big of an issue but I don't feel the big pay off of the film. All the character development and I felt nothing for what happens to these people after the dust cleared.

Equity was about business, but it was too much business. Too stiff, Too clean of a strike. Did not hit me like it should, which kinda sucks as it's one of those movies about cooperation that's pretty easy to follow, which is great.

So yeah, a uniquely told story got me hooked but it's too bland for me to care about the outcome.


Reviewed by gtyoshida 9 / 10

The Rainmaker

Naomi Bishop (Anna Gunn) is the perfect prototype of the fearlessly ambitious women in corporate America today. Written by Sarah Megan Thomas (who also plays the supporting character Erin Manning), Naomi Bishop pulls no punches about her love for money and the power and security she wants all for herself. Anna Gunn gives a remarkable performance which thankfully puts to bed her role as whining Skyler White (Breaking Bad). The movie touches upon all the pitfalls a woman must skirt in order to get to the top of the cutthroat investment banking world although the over the top seduction of a young broker by Federal Prosecutor Samantha (Alysia Reiner)was painful to watch. "Equity" stands out for its revealing portrayal of unabashed greed that has crashed through the nurturing and loving image maintained (or perhaps foisted upon) women in the Western world.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 6 / 10

It's a men's club or women's, but jobs are done in the same way.

It's a woman oriented financial film drama directed by a woman filmmaker. That makes it empowered by women. On the perspective it was my first experience, so I think it could be the only of its kind. It is not as bad as it looks, those who liked financial related films like 'Margin Call', 'The Big Short', 'Glengarry Glen Ross' et cetera would enjoy it as well. This film stayed true to its title, so that's what you are going to expect, but nothing a bit more than that.

There are unexpected turns in the narration. Particularly the characters, that too the females. It is about the commitment and trust in the colleagues. No matter what you do, the company always judges you by your result. The pace might look slow, but it gets better in the latter half. The film turned into kind of thriller and ended with a little drag, though satisfying.

Anna Gunn was so good and looks like we have here another talented woman director Meera Menon. This film did not get as popular as its counterpart on the same theme, I mean men's Wall Street thriller. But somewhat I liked it and seems a sequel is not a bad idea, after how this story had ended. Finally, this is for the selected viewers, so those who are from the outside of its bandwidth won't end watching it happy, hence the film will lose its rating, but not the quality.


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