Eskimo Nell


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stefan Kahrs 7 / 10

Intriguing Self-Spoof

The British sex comedies of the 1970s are notorious for failing to be either funny or erotic. For the latter one might blame the censors, but the former is simply a result of innuendo being no longer funny once you pass the nudge-nudge stage. Anyway, this one isn't sexy either, but it does work quite well as a comedy.

In fact, Eskimo Nell is a strange kind of self-spoof, not only spoofing the sex film genre as such but even its own making - the kind of self-reference Douglas Hofstadter would appreciate. Viewers may be inclined to think that the "self-spoof" is faked, but there are persistent rumours that many of the scenes which seem outrageous and surreal (e.g. the script discussion) were very closely based on fact.

Reviewed by ShadeGrenade 10 / 10

When Eskimo Nell Met Deadeye Dick!

'70's British sex comedies, eh? You either love them or hate them. I have a soft spot for the 'Confessions' series ( mainly due to the presence of the scrumptious Sheila White ) and 'Adventures Of A Private Eye' is not bad either, but let's face it, many were absolutely appalling, saddled with witless scripts that did no favours to the often impressive casts they had. 'Eskimo Nell' is a rare exception. Michael Armstrong not only wrote but starred in this very funny movie as 'Dennis Morrison', a naive young man who aspires to be a film director. Turned down by every studio, he goes to work for seedy Benny U.Murdoch ( the wonderful Roy Kinnear ) of B.U.M. Productions, maker of such classic motion pictures such as 'Vampire Vomit' and 'The Sexorcist'.

Benny wants Dennis to direct 'Eskimo Nell', based on the infamous Victorian dirty poem. To help him, Dennis recruits Clive Potter ( the late Terence Edmond ) and Harris Tweedle ( Christopher Timothy, three years before he became a household name sticking his arm up cows' bums in 'All Creatures Great & Small' ). They approach potential backers, all of whom have different ideas about what sort of film 'Eskimo Nell' should be. One wants a hardcore sex movie with his blowsy girlfriend Billie ( Beth Porter ) in the lead, another a kung fu musical, while yet another prefers a gay Western.

Their headache increases when Benny runs off with the money. As they are legally responsible for the film, they have to make it or else face a lawsuit. In desperation, they approach Lady Longhorn ( Rosalind Knight ), founder of a puritanical religious group that wants wholesome family entertainment back on the big screen. Hence our heroes have to make four versions of 'Eskimo Nell' in order to please everybody.

At the finale, the wrong cans of film are accidentally sent to a Royal charity screening, and Her Majesty The Queen gets to see the hardcore sex version...

'Eskimo Nell' sends up '70's British sex comedies a treat. I'm sure the cast and crew had a lot of fun with it. Armstrong is not much of an actor admittedly, but the rest of the cast more than compensates. Roy Kinnear is a scream as the big breast-fixated 'Murdoch', a man who boasts that he once cleaned up at the box office with a film called 'Dirty Knickers'. Also on view is Diane Langton ( from the I.T.V. version of 'The Rag Trade' ) as busty porn star 'Gladys Armitage' ), Katy Manning ( who had recently been seen as 'Jo Grant' opposite Jon Pertwee's 'Dr.Who' in the B.B.C. series ) as Dennis' posh girlfriend, Christopher Biggins, Sheila Bernette as an actress who does not mind getting her kit off but who balks at the thought of doing any acting, Nicholas Young ( from the I.T.V. sci-fi show 'The Tomorrow People' ) as camp-as-a-row-of-tents 'Deadeye Dick', Anna Quayle as 'Reverend Mother', and a fleeting glimpse of '70's porn icon Mary Millington as a stripteasing traffic warden.

The director, Martin Campbell, went on to make two well-received James Bond movies - 1995's 'Goldeneye' and 2006's 'Casino Royale'. Simon Park, who wrote the music, later penned the theme to 'Eastenders'!

Some gags are old, such as the naked actor getting part of his anatomy trapped in a clapper-board, and who is then carried off on a stretcher, bandages wrapped round said part ( I remember Stanley Baxter doing something similar ). We are a long, long way from the kind of British film industry 'Eskimo Nell' set out to lampoon, of course. Times ( and public tastes ) have changed. But this is still an amusing film all the same. 'Eskimo Nell' won't leave you cold.

Reviewed by whatleym 6 / 10

Director's revenge!

The writer of this film is Michael Armstrong. He was also director/writer of a previous Tigon film 'The Haunted House of Horror'. During the making of that film he experienced some very unpleasant run-ins with an individual representing AIP (the American distributors). This resulted in Michael's script being re-written and a very different film to his original concept being produced as the end product. This film 'Eskimo Nell' parodies those experiences. Listen to Michael's voice over in the 'extras' section of the DVD of 'Haunted House of Horror' for a graphic description of his experience and learn who some of the characters in 'Eskimo Nell' actually represent!

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