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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vrvlvnd 1 / 10

Possibly the worst film I've ever watched ...

I bought this film on DVD without reading the cover properly, thinking it to be of somewhat quality. Two minutes into the film I realize my mistake. Other reviewers have gone into detail about how awful this film is, so I won't reiterate on it. The film makers might be talented in some ways, but that's not enough to release this on the open market. Don't waste your time, people!

There is an interesting plot idea here (which is why I bought the DVD). Sadly it's nowhere near developed. The actors cannot act, the English Language probably looks passable in script, but doesn't work on film. Bad editing, holes in the storyline and some strange details (others have mentioned how a 5 year old contemplates suicide and Writes a note about it, for example ...).

On the plus side: Excellent cover, good enough to fool a hasty customer!

Reviewed by Diane Alexander 1 / 10

Poor Quality on Every Possible Count

My initial review was going to start with "If a couple of high school students decided to make a movie this is the one that they would make." Imagine my surprise when I then read the previous review and found that this movie was actually made by group of Norwegian high school students. Nailed it.

The soundtrack is generic, the acting, dialog and overall screenplay values are that of a high school play. A badly acted high school play. Very. Badly. Acted. The camera work is amateurish and the editing is utterly confusing. I initially wanted to turn this piece of awfulness off within 10 minutes but forced myself to watch almost 30 in the unlikely hope it would get better. It did not.

There is nothing redeeming about this work and it is absolutely not worth watching for any reason save as a case study in how not to make a movie.

We now live in a world where a group of amateurs can create a movie (and I use the term generously) and have it distributed internationally on Blu-Ray presumably through manipulation of SEO. This is not a good thing. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by Markus FeuÃ┬čner ([email protected]) 5 / 10

Good idea - very bad implementation

First of all: I'm German and watched the movie in English, so i can't really say much about the vocals.

That being said, my thoughts about this movie: The general idea may not be original but it is good none the less.

I'd rate the movie as follows (out of 10): score (3), sound effects (8), photography (7), visual effects (6), plot and idea (2), locations (4), casting (5), acting (4), script (3)

The worst thing are the immense holes in the script and nearly impossible things like killing yourself by drowning (seriously: Did the writer read about suicides committed in the bathtubs and assume it would be by drowning?) Children dying by drowning didn't commit suicide, they either had an accident or were murdered. Secondly: Why do suicidal people have to be "cleaned up"? They either kill themselves or are of no harm (other than having a god complex it seems while watching the main characters).

The story just doesn't make sense - and for me a low budget doesn't excuse that.

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