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Torrey DeVitto as Leann
Stephen Moyer as Detective Reese
Caitlin Stasey as Rachel
Radha Mitchell as Detective Burquez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iraz 3 / 10

Let me wake up and write my review

This film is a mess. By the time all the details have been revealed, I could not have cared less. I generally will watch found footage films, even though I am often disappointed, however I don't remember being less interested in a found footage film than I was in this one. I was interested in seeing this film, I enjoyed "The Fourth Kind" (the director's previous effort) and I like the actors in the film.

I found myself unable to get involved in the plot and it just did not generate any suspense which is vital for a found footage film. Whatever kind of film you are making, you are trying to tell a story and if you lose viewers at the beginning it's awful difficult to get them back interested. Hopefully, the director's next effort will be more successful. All I can say is skip this one!

Reviewed by OJT 7 / 10

Is someone tampering the evidence?

What a start this film has. A frozen picture of a crime scene, taken by a low flying drone camera, like nothing I've seen. A bit was resembling the 2001-film Swordfish, but still this was amazing. It immediately lit my interests immensely. Some obviously CGI, but still a haunting start!

This is another take on the found footage genre. But different. Some kind of meta theme in the footage as well. This is evidence found on a couple of phones and video cameras at a crime scene. At the start of the film we get a glimpse of what have happened, but what lead up to it. No one at the crime scene is alive to give any explanation. The tape shows a group of youngsters arriving at a desolated place with a lot if abandoned trucks and houses.

Like most found footage, this is both annoying and exciting at the same time. A genre difficult to immediately like, but still interesting in many ways.

The fourth outing from American director Olatunde Osunsanmi, and the first I've seen. Though there's a lot of cameras around, there's a lot of not so likely here towards the end, before whole film takes a twist, making it more likely after all.

Smart film, with an interesting plot. A good, twisting found footage flick, most of all recommended to the fans of the genre.

Reviewed by Fernando Saravi 8 / 10

Good hybrid of found footage - regular movie

I rented this movie mostly because I like the lead actors - without very high expectations. In fact, I'm quite tired of found-footage movies. However, watching it was a very entertaining experience. First, because the director nicely blended the two kinds of shots, showing alternatively what could be seen in the recovered footage and what was going on in real life, mostly at the police department. Second (spoiler alert!) - and this is by far the main reason why I enjoyed this movie, because it wisely questions the basic premise of most, if not all, found-footage movies - that is, that the video remains can provide some valid knowledge of what really happened, however incomplete the resulting picture might be. Now, what happens if the found footage is not really what it seems in the first place? I found it really worth watching. Eight out of ten.

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