Evils of the Night


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Julie Newmar as Dr. Zarma
Tina Louise as Cora
John Carradine as Dr. Kozmar
Aldo Ray as Fred
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Even though Gilligan bungled every rescue, did Ginger prefer this? Oh well. Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar!

My 10/10 rating of course only applies to the sorts of people who've decided that they like this movie even before they watch it (like me); for anyone else, this movie is a total zero. "Evils of the Night" has some aliens seeking human blood as the key to eternal life. And what luck! There's a bunch of horny teenagers camping out near a lake! When I saw the box in Movie Madness, it mainly caught my eye due to the casting of Tina Louise; after all, what man wouldn't want to be stranded on an island with Ginger Grant? Anyway, here she plays one of the aliens, and Julie "Catwoman" Newmar plays another. As for the horny teens, they're the kind of characters who horny teens are supposed to be in horror flicks: the boys are a bunch of sex-starved goof-offs, and the girls all have giant breasts. Will your sex drive get going while watching "Evils of the Night"? Let me put it this way: aside from making one think about Ginger Grant, probably a quarter to a third of the movie shows people having sex. And those girls were hot! Hubba hubba...

Some people may think that these kinds of movies are completely worthless, but I must disagree. "Worthless" in my opinion means that it pretends to be important but doesn't actually amount to anything. This movie doesn't pretend to be anything but nice, silly fun. Cool.

Reviewed by Woodyanders ([email protected]) 8 / 10

fun trash with an all-star cast

Kozmar (the ubiquitous John Carradine looking very worn and wizened), Zarma (leggy eyeful Julie Newmar; Catwoman on "Batman") and Cora (a haggard Tina Louise; Ginger on "Gilligan's Island") are a trio of evil aliens who need the blood of young folks so they can make a youth serum and prolong their lives. The wicked extraterrestrials hire bumbling drunken lout mechanics Fred (an outrageously hammy Aldo Ray) and Kurt (an equally histrionic Neville Brand in his ignominious final film role) to abduct idiotic libidinous teenagers for their nefarious experiments. Clumsily directed by Mardi Rustam (who also co-wrote the mindless trashy script), with tacky (far from) special effects, a corny generic ooga-booga spooky score by Robert O. Ragland, plenty of leering gratuitous nudity, a plodding pace, incredibly moronic and unappealing young imperiled protagonists ("Chopping Mall" victims Tony O'Dell and Karrie Emerson meet similar grim fates here), plain, murky cinematography by Don Stern, sleazy soft-core sex scenes (popular porn stars Amber Lynn and Jerry Butler pop up in minor roles), a meandering narrative, laughably lousy dialogue ("Keep your hands off her, you scum!"), bouncy pop-rock songs occasionally blaring away on the soundtrack, hilariously horrible acting (the Faded Name Hall of Shame cast are obviously slumming for an easy paycheck), and a decent smattering of grisly gore (a juicy drill-through-the-stomach murder set piece rates as the definite splatter highlight), this severely stinky, yet often amusing and oddly entertaining sci-fi/horror exploitation swill qualifies as an absolute cruddy hoot.

Reviewed by Uriah43 4 / 10

A Campy, Low-Budget Movie

A small contingent of aliens have landed near a resort area frequented by college students and have hired two auto mechanics to kidnap as many of these students as possible because they need their blood to stay alive. Unfortunately, these aliens have very little time before they must return to their home planet and the two mechanics named "Fred" (Aldo Ray) and "Kurt" (Neville Brand) are more than a little incompetent and seem to kill more college students than they bring in alive. Now rather than reveal any more of the story and risk spoiling the film for those who haven't seen it I will just say that this picture turned out to be pretty much what I expected--a campy, low-budget movie. However,when I saw that it featured Tina Louise (as "Cora") and Julie Newmar ("Dr. Zarma") I knew that I had to give this film a try. Surprisingly, the movie didn't actually depend on them as much as I thought it would. Instead, what kept this movie entertaining was the presence of three lovely young coeds named "Nancy" (Karrie Emerson), "Heather" (Bridget Holloman) and "Connie" (G. T. Taylor) in various stages of undress. Naturally, there were other actors and a very basic plot as well but neither of these issues really amounted to much. In any case, while this movie clearly won't win any Academy Awards and has any number of flaws, I still somewhat enjoyed it and as a result I rate it as only slightly below average.

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