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Dora Madison as Dora
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rpaleschi 7 / 10

This was far better than expected.

After loads of recently bad Bigfoot movies I was kind of dreading another disappointment but actually this was pretty good. There were no surprises plot wise but the action kept to a good pace and you actually get to see the monster which lets face it is the money shot of any horror. The filming was good and the acting fine.

I'm a bit of a fan when it comes to monster movies and have felt bad recently posting rubbish reviews so I'm really glad this movie did what it promised and was an way watch.

Probably not going to make it to the Oscar list but definitely worth a watch if you're into Bigfoot killing college kids, which lets face it is a winning formula.

Reviewed by nysalesman 2 / 10

Sanchez Please Go Back to Your Day Job

This movie was awful. Nonetheless, I gave it two stars because at least the Big Foot makeup was good and the actors weren't bad - they just had a God awful script. This is the same old, same old. Cliché characters making stupid decisions that nobody would ever make. In all, it equates to lazy writing. It is possible to make an interesting, scary (and especially believable) horror movie with the characters making intelligent decisions that normal humans would make. In fact, people that make intelligent decisions find themselves in trouble and dying in unusual situations all the time. As a result, you don't have to make a string of stupid mistakes and nonsensical actions to get in trouble, create tension, or die. Making them do so was simply an easy way out for the writers and, I'm just sick of it.

Reviewed by NotAnotherMovieCritic 7 / 10

The Bigfoot Project

Eduardo Sanchez, the creator of The Blair Witch Project, once again reunites himself and his crew deep into the woods. Instead of being attacked by a ghostly witch we never get to see, we are introduced to bigfoot.

After seeing the trailer I was so wanting to see this movie, even though I already knew what to expect, the typical found footage movies. It's nothing short of cliché and repetition. However, this film did actually scare me a little bit and kept me on the edge of my seat.

As a found film footage it doesn't really bring anything new to the, except for a few things, which are pretty good. It's one that will keep you jumping, keep you entertained and definitely keep your heart racing in several scenes. I liked the several Blair Witch throwbacks that were sporadically throughout the film. It was a really cool way to give homage to the movie that made his career.

I have read mixed reviews on this, and as always I don't want people to take my word for it, experience it for yourself and see what you think about it.

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