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Winona Ryder as Sasha Menkin Milgram
Taryn Manning as Mrs. Lowe
John Leguizamo as Taylor
Anton Yelchin as Rensaleer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by londonmapper 8 / 10

An excellent feel good film - a must for any person interested in psychology

This film is NOT about the Milgram experiment ALONE (the one with shocks and the way we behave when prodded by a person in authority) - and that is what makes this film so interesting! The film is about Stanley Milgram the person. It only starts with his 1961 experiment (which occurred nearly around the same time as the Eichmann trials and Hannah Arendt's writings and hence garnered even more interest). It then continues to show the travails that he passed, his life and how the experiment changed people's perceptions towards him (some interesting reactions here - do watch it and be prepared for the surprises)! For such a popular experiment, there is a surprising lot that many of us (e for certain) may not have known - the film fills in that (large) gap.

There is one big difference between this film and the similar 2015 film "Stanford Prison Experiment" (which I also highly recommend) - This film has a far happier ending and hence makes it even more interesting from a cinematic perspective.

Do watch this film - you will not regret it.

Reviewed by Shuggy 7 / 10

An elephant?

For some reason I expected more of a documentary, so this docudrama nearly had me out the door, but the authoritative man in the grey lab coat persuaded me to stay.

It clearly, and to my understanding, accurately, lays out the format of the notorious Milgram Experiment, which is necessary for all that follows; the public and academic backlash, our involvement as we question whether we would behave like Milgram's subjects, and his own soul-searching. To be sure, he comes across as quite cold-hearted, and more self-doubt would have made a more interesting story. Instead, all of the doubt is carried by his colleagues and Wynona Ryder as his patient wife.

The original experiment is well-enough represented that the re-creation of a TV series about it (with Kellan Lutz as a young William Shatner playing the Milgram character) has some amusingly obvious elements of parody, and hence self-parody of this film.

The film has some unsettling features over and above the experiments themselves - scenes carried out in colour in front of poorly placed monochrome back-projections, and an elephant, yes, a real, if slightly out of focus elephant behind Peter Sarsgaard as he talks to the camera walking towards us along a university corridor. Why? If it's The Elephant In The Room, what are we not seeing?

As Milgram points out, he and his experiment are treated with opprobrium, but the results are accepted, and serve their purpose. While the Holocaust is repeatedly invoked (including footage of the Eichmann trial), and Milgram twice mentions that his name is Hebrew for pomegranate (in fact it's not but milgrom is the Yiddish), an obvious ethical parallel is not mentioned: the Nazi experiments of killing prisoners with X-rays, which are still shown (usually on an opt-in basis) to medical students.

Reviewed by WoodBangers Entertainment 8 / 10

beautifully done

The movie titled "Experimenter (2015)" I feel was a great film. I loved the styling of the film most of all especially the green screen backdrops and how they offset the vibe of the view. The acting and the cast I believe were perfect for such a film and the story was very intriguing. I've saw various films based on human experiments and I believe this one was perfectly created. The educational standpoint or setting of where, when, and why was a great introduction and following through out the film. I enjoyed how it showed the mindset of humanity in its time frame being that I'm certain the results would in today's time be even worse as humanity has devalued its beliefs, ethics, and life meanings.

Very well put together film, and once again I cannot express how well the cast performed within such a film style. It was artistic, poetic, yet realistic; great stuff.

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