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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by snusenx 3 / 10

no good

Really not much to say. Its just not any good. I see some glowing reviews here, but that must be the film crew and their relatives writing. If you are going to use this kind of hand-held amateur cam, you need to do better than this. I think 3 is a fair value, cause its not the worst I have seen, but I think I deserve my money back.... its really borderline fraud to charge people for watching this one. Some of the acting is not as bad as a 3, but the overall experience is no good. And its too long as well, I got really bored the last half hour.

If you still want to watch this, consider your self warned.

Good luck and God speed.

Reviewed by FilmAddict303 3 / 10


Basic outline of the movie : A couple of hours of some mediocre actors walking through the jungle with a handy cam, they eventually get attacked in the dark by a guy in a rubber dinosaur suit, more walking through the jungle follows whilst trying to act scared.

The only redeeming quality of this film is that they made an effort to use practical effects but sadly it didn't pay off. There were a couple of seconds of CG dinosaur in there and it was some of the worst CG I've seen in a while so it could have been a whole lot worse.

They also tried to mix a bit of comedy in via the camera guy but he just comes off as more annoying than funny.

If you're into watching a group of characters that you don't care about walk through the jungle for a couple of hours with very little happening then this is the film for you.

Reviewed by triggersplace-82096 4 / 10

Could have been so much better

The Lost World idea of finding dinosaurs in a remote part of the planet is not new. Peru as a location had the potential, but it was never to be. The idea of driving along a dirt road and labeling it remote for the purpose of the film is ludicrous.

Had they spent a week in a canoe and then 2 weeks trekking to their destination using tribal Indians as guides I would have believed it. Wearing sleeveless tops in a malaria-infested rain forest at night, camping in tents and carrying a table and chair into the jungle just doesn't make sense. Their packs aren't big enough for a day trip let alone a multi-day hike. The nights are remarkably bug-free, I don't know any animal that would come around a camp with a lite fire in it. They find an albino python and don't know its albino? They can hear sounds of something big for 3 days every night but no tracks or scats are found and the scientists don't even seem interested. No discussion on what it could be? Was it a Tapir or Pecari, or Caiman? No picket at night to set up cameras and try and find out what it was. How did they navigate, as I didn't see a compass or GPS on anyone? How did the rain forest suddenly become wet sclerophyll?

In the end, I just watched to see how many things I could spot that were wrong. .

Oh, and the cameraman is an idiot. In all very disappointing.

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