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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

Way past any deadline

Apocalypses come and go ... especially in movie terms. And there are different sort of movies. Those who take upon them to show us how and if an apocalypse is coming. And those who are showing us and concentrate more on the aftermath. This is a case of the latter. But it's also a slow burner.

Do not expect this to be highlight upon highlight, and excitement upon excitement. No this is human drama at its finest. You could argue and wonder if the animosities are real - or rather if there is enough reason for conflict, but humans are hard to figure out. And living isolated does make people do crazy things from time to time ... I wouldn't react like that, I think, but the internal logic of the movie still works. And there is enough tension to keep you on the edge of your seat, once the movie gets going.

Reviewed by Christer Karlgren 8 / 10

Such a rare thing as a good zombie movie

If you are looking for a good zombie movie look no further. This little gem is a character driven film with just the right amount of action.

This is not an action movie with zombies or a cheap independent gore- flick. This movie actually has some substance. Which can't be easy in the zombie genre.

Big thanks to the cast and director for taking the genre "seriously". This makes it a good movie and a great zombie flick.

I was even a bit surprised by the two main actors ability to cast away their regular TV acting skills and leap into film acting. Who knew they could push themselves to this level. Hope to see more of this in their future endeavors.

Reviewed by albaix 8 / 10

Very fine sci-fi movie

I've been compelled to write this review after reading the former ones. As this film is quite remarkable in many things I can only understand the very bad reviews as spurious stuff. Why I say that comes below: Very good performances. Matthew Fox, Jeffrey Donovan and the girl Quinn McColgan are perfect in their work. You really get into the movie with them. There's always a narrative nerve that never decays. The photography is usually evocative. The characters are elaborated and likely. They evolve as the screenplay unfolds. The movie is, in general, entertaining and the action scenes are well filmed. Maybe is not the most original sci-fi movie but no doubt it's a more than decent one.

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