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Gina Carano as Victoria
Bruce Willis as Leonard Turner
Kellan Lutz as Harry Turner
Summer Altice as Denise
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by panik65 5 / 10

By the numbers action thriller

Nothing wrong with this film, it's what it is: very formulaic and predictable with high production values and action scenes. CIA Dad, who is villainous and murderous himself, get's caught in a sticky situation as CIA son, who is an institutional failure, must rescue him, as CIA son is of course the only one who knows what's going on and where CIA dad is being held captive. CIA son of course inadvertently uncovers a deep institutional betrayal in which his tattered, nuclear family somehow wins and becomes transcendent. A murdered mother is avenged but it has zero dramatic power, but it's excusable as they didn't take it too seriously. Does it deliver? Not really, but then it isn't boring either. Nevertheless It's being dissed as "straight to DVD" (which is true) but compared to the junk released in theaters, it's probably above average, really. Nothing special, nothing terrible, perhaps worth a watch on a rainy day. Not bad enough to be funny, not good enough to pay 100% attention to, it's more or less "just there".

Reviewed by WoodBangers Entertainment 4 / 10

totally disappointed in this

Extraction (2015) is probably the worst film of this genre put out in the year 2015 that featured a well respected actor. I'm quite stunned to see that out of so many producers on this project that it looks as if not one of them done anything to make the film worth watching.

Extraction is a film which is riding the coattails of Bruce Willis, knowing that with his name on the picture a lot of people would go check it out. I've always been a fan of Bruce Willis and what I saw in this movie truly upset me to see, the film is horrible. The movie has hardly any script or direction, the acting from 90% of the actors is at TV Commercial level; what were they thinking? I was really hoping this film would've at least been entertaining to some level.

Reviewed by Peo Lekare 1 / 10

Simply awful

This is one of the worst movies of the year, if not the decade. If this doesn't end Carano's and Lutz' career, nothing will.

Dull, boring, totally inconsistent and full of gaffes. They seem to have shot this for a low budget and then had to finish it off in 2 days. There are so many holes in the plot that the viewer is expected to write half the script of the movie.

Action scenes are okay, but they look incredibly choreographed and lack credibility. After a 5 minute fight, the actors look as fresh as having come out of the shower.

Lackluster performances from all main characters, even DB Sweeney who usually us pretty solid. This movie is a waste of time.

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