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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lukeh23 2 / 10

Really bad.

I went into this open minded and willing it to be a good movie. I heard it was a horror / science fiction film, and that the first 30 minutes are worth enduring. I expected it might not get off to a good start and would then find its groove.

It stayed awful.

The main characters are so clichéd and stereotypical, its actually nauseating. A group of guy / girl, good looking party kids head to a cabin in the woods (I know right?) to meet their all to obvious ending. You don't feel anything for these characters, they lack any depth. After ten minutes I looked forward to the aliens killing them off. Unfortunately the abductors took far to long to put the viewer and the said cast out of their misery. Its a cheap Hollywood process to typecast like this. It would have been so much more interesting if it had been a family, or a group of bird watchers, anything different. Why do they always have to go for the Hollywood molded pretty kids?

It does not get any better after that. I don't want to give out any spoilers, but the only glimmer of redemption is the last 30 minutes.

Unless you really have nothing else to do and your watching on DVR, I recommend you skip until the end and just watch the last 30 minutes. You might be led to believe it may have been a decent film up until that point, but trust me, its far from what you might expect.

Reviewed by Joshua Burles 9 / 10

Am i the only person who really enjoyed this?

Yeah, there are some plot holes, and some bad acting. BUT apart from that, the overall performance was amazing! Very intense and contains a lot of breath taking and jaw dropping moments. I loved this movie because it was a great sci-fi movie with amazing special effects which incorporated everything that one would expect when you think about 'little green men'. Another reason i liked it was because it ended greatly. (NOT SPOILING) but the ending to this film is very different to other films. It did not leave you saying "what the heck". This movie did have some pointless moments that didn't really need to be included, but when you think about it, without them.. The movie would be a waste of time. I will definitely be buying this movie on DVD, or better yet on Bluray! It is definitely an original film that you can watch over and over! Recommend this to almost everyone!

Reviewed by equazcion ([email protected]) 4 / 10


The Vicious Brothers (as the directorial team call themselves) try breaking the mold, with some mixed results.

The bulk of this is typical horror mixed with typical alien/saucer imagery. About an hour or so in, there's a Matrix-inspired sequence that at least looks authentic. The film caps off with a very X-Files routine. Cliché characters, one of whom seems to have been awkwardly transplanted from an '80s teen horror film, and all of whom play out cliché melodrama during very obvious and convenient breaks in action, didn't really help things.

With some skill, this mash-up of recycled elements could have actually worked, maybe. The visual effects were convincing, but the rest (writing, direction, acting) were frightfully amateurish.

This isn't a "found footage" film, but it seems to want to be one. It's sort of a found footage film that simply wasn't shot that way, resulting in something rather awkward.

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