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James Avery as Security Guard
Farrah Fawcett as Marjorie
Alfre Woodard as Patricia
Diana Scarwid as Terry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

The Dilemma

In Los Angeles, the gorgeous Marjorie (Farrah Fawcett) stops her car after-hours in a parking area to buy an ice-cream. However the store has just closed and when she returns to her car, a masked stranger attacks and attempts to rape her using a knife. Marjorie succeeds to flee, but the man keeps her purse with her documents. She goes to the police to report the assault but the female officer tells her that there is no evidence and no case since it is her word against the rapist's word. A couple of days later, the rapist breaks in Marjorie's house while her roommates Patricia (Alfre Woodard) and Terry (Diana Scarwid) are not at home. The cynical Joe (James Russo) submits Marjories to sadistic abuses and humiliations preparing to rape her. Out of the blue, Marjorie sprays insecticide in Joe's eyes, reverting the situation dominating Joe and then she ties him up. She decides to bury Joe alive in a grave in her garden since she does not have evidence to keep him in prison and he had promised to return to kill her. But Terry and Patty arrive and try to convince Marjorie to call the police and think about the consequence of her intention. What will she do?

"Extremities" is a film with a dramatic story and a great dilemma. Farrah Fawcett has one of her best performances in the role of a woman abused by a stranger that she finally subdues. His first intention is to kill the man but there is a debate with her roommates and the film has a moralist conclusion. James Russo is impressive in the role of a sadistic rapist. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Seduzida ao Extremo" ("Seduced to the Extreme")

Reviewed by MarieGabrielle 8 / 10

Another good message film, with Fawcett excelling...

Kudos to Fawcett to taking on roles that, at the time were considered controversial. To my recollection, rape was still a taboo subject in the 1980's, and women's rights and emotions were rarely so deeply examined during that time.

Fawcett is simply a woman who is followed, then stalked by actor James Russo. He is adequate as the obsessed psychopath, but at times a bit transparent.

Diana Scarwid has a bit role, as does Alfre Woodard as the house mate. Woodard worries about the legal consequences when Fawcett, the rape victim, takes revenge on the culprit. The scene where she throws a frying pan of hot oil at Russo is classic, and as the rapist he deserves it. She then keeps him in bondage, and the consequences must be faced.

A very real story reflecting the emotions and rage of rape victims who have been violated, physically, and mentally. Highly recommended. 8/10.

Reviewed by GuRUCLANdotcom 5 / 10

I liked this movie better when I was a kid

I am a Fawcett fan, liked her in Charlies Angle's and I thought she was amazing in The Burning Bed.

I liked this movie more when I was a kid, probably because I had less of an understanding of reality.

I thought the performances where great from the main two characters, but the rest, is just not believable. What is believable is that pig would have been released, even with a confession that was circumstantial at best, an attorney would have had a field day with that. She had a knife to his throat so it didn't mean anything.

More over, it is perfectly legal to kill an intruder in your home, whether they're there to rape you or still your freaking television. So that's why the plot was ridiculous to me. I wouldn't have had to ponder anything, I wouldn't have needed a confession.

What I would have done was killed him, quite painfully, and then called the police.

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