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Rutger Hauer as SS-Sturmbannf├╝hrer Xavier March
Miranda Richardson as Charlie Maguire
Jean Marsh as Anna Von Hagen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sveknu 6 / 10

A disturbing "what if" sci-fi movie

First of all, I haven't read the book. That means I can't compare it with the movie, if anyone is interested in that. The story here is quite interesting. The movie takes place about 20 years after World War II, a war won by Germany. That means many differences from what really happened:

- All Europe is one single country, Germania (I think)

- Germania is still at war with the Soviet Union

- No one really knows about the extermination of the Jews. The official story is that they were deported to Ukraine.

- The celebration of Hitler's 75th birthday is soon about to take place. The American President is going to make him a visit.

This makes the background for what happens in this movie. A man is found dead, and the investigator gets a mystery to solve that grows bigger as he digs up information.

The movie is quite good, just take into consideration that it's a bit low budget. Remember, it's a TV-movie.

(Something totally different: It was funny seeing a poster of "The Beatles" called "Die Beatles").

Reviewed by Euan McIntosh 8 / 10

A Suspenceful "What if" Thriller!

I made the unfortunate mistake of watching this film before reading the book. At the time of writing, the only reliable way to see Fatherland is to watch it on Youtube. I would love to see a proper DVD/Blu-ray release.

Without any knowledge of the book, the film is excellent. A tense thriller set in a unique setting with presentation that makes anyone who enjoys historical stuff (like myself) engrossed. The alternative history, the Albert Speer architecture, the carefully thought out references to actual historical events such as the bombing of Dresden and the nuclear attacks on Japan. Both of which are considered war crimes by many, allowing for a small hint of socio-political commentary.

The flaws lie in the plot, which has significantly deviated from the book, in that the ending seems over-dramatic. I will not spoil it but those of you who have read the book will possibly agree that the ending to the novel is more intense, subtle and powerful. Rutger Hauer's performance is excellent, well acted and his style is perfectly fitting of a character like Xavier March. Miranda Richardson plays the role of Charlie Maguire solidly, at times a little wooden and restrained.

All in all, the film is a decent homage to Robert Harris' most famous, and arguably his best, novel. For a low budget, mid 90s TV movie, I am impressed. I would love to see a new adaptation of the book, perhaps with a longer runtime (less condensation) and with a larger budget?

Reviewed by Oliver Lenhardt 6 / 10

Ultimately disappointing

Having not read the book, I can't comment on how the movie fares in comparison.

Two serious missteps struck me immediately: First and most egregious, the dialogue is entirely in English, even when the Germans are speaking amongst themselves. The accents (when such are even attempted) are fifth-rate. That the film was not written and performed in German by German actors was a severe blow to any sense of veracity right off the bat.

Secondly, Hauer's character is far too noble to be credible. Always the consummate thespian, Hauer almost manages to pull off limning the paper-thin persona.

I'm not suggesting that skeptical Nazis didn't exist, but not to a point, I believe, where one would risk his life in the face of such an uncertain outcome and such unfavorable odds. Miranda Richardson is fairly respectable as the American reporter, but her role doesn't provide much depth either.

Setting these reservations aside for a moment, the film's strengths are the riveting central scenario, the skillful direction, and a memorably sinister music score. The opening file footage, with a narrator explaining how the alternate reality came to be, is brilliantly done. Given such a fascinating reimagination of world history, it's pretty hard not to make the film at least diverting. Actually, I found myself captivated from beginning to....well almost end: The last few scenes entail a series of events that would have people rolling in the aisles with a lesser film, but even here hardly seems less preposterous. The absurd notion that a couple of American reporters could jostle their way through throngs of reverent, chanting Nazi supporters and past a wall of elite SS to hand off some documents to the U.S. President (HIS Secret Service also seems to be conveniently out-to-lunch) as he drives past, AND that selfsame President would glance at the papers and immediately cancel his imminent meeting with "Der Fuehrer", is beyond silliness. It's the dumbed-down American "last minute rescue" version of how such an intriguing story would end. Still, at least the writer didn't cop out when it came to the fates of his protagonists.

FATHERLAND had most of the ingredients to be a great movie, but a few aspects of the production were bungled disastrously. 6.5/10

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