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Joel Edgerton as Detective Malcolm Toohey
Jai Courtney as Detective Jim Melic
Melissa George as Julie Toohey
Tom Wilkinson as Detective Carl Summer
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Reviewed by patrick powell 8 / 10

Subtle and gripping, Australia shows Hollywood how to do it

With so much high-octane expensive Hollywood dreck crowding out our cinemas, real gems such as Felony, Animal Kingdom (which also has the very excellent Joel Edgerton) and Mystery Road seem to get sadly bypassed or even forgotten. That isn't to say that Hollywood can't make good films (or that Australia can't make clunkers), but they seem to be few and far between and distributors who are obviously and understandably in it for the money seem to take the easy way out. Oh, and I really haven't seen enough Australian films to list any clunkers, but what I have seen is of an enviably high standard. Some reviewers here have bemoaned the lack of 'action'. Well, boo-hoo for them. I far prefer the subtlety of writing, direction and acting we get in Felony. Three different kind of cops, all in their way a little flawed, though not in a clichéd way, get caught up in a sad situation, an unfortunate incident which simply spirals out of control.

Edgerton, basically a decent man is persuaded by Tom Wilkinson's old-school cop to tell a lie after he accidentally knocks a young lad off his bike at night while less than sober. Add to these to Jai Courtney's young cop who feels he must do the right thing - though his motives are a tad murky - and you get a complex psychological drama which satisfies at every level. None of the characters is 'bad' or 'good', and each works in a pressured environment.

Edgerton scores double because he also wrote the script. I shall now be off to see what else he has written. If you manage to catch this and like great filmmaking, watch it.

Reviewed by blanche-2 7 / 10

pretty good

"Felony," from 2013, is a film written by and starring Joel Edgerton, Jai Courtney, and Tom Wilkinson. These actors play Australian police detectives who are brought into conflict after a tragedy.

Edgerton plays Malcolm Toohey. After a few drinks, he is driving home when he hits a boy who is riding a bicycle. The boy is not wearing a helmet and is bleeding. Panicked, Malcolm calls for paramedics. He says initially that he didn't see anything, that he saw something in the street and it turned out to be the boy. Later on he says he saw the tail lights of a car as it turned the corner.

This discrepancy is noted by a new detective, Jim Melic (Courtney). Courtney's partner is a veteran, Carl Summer (Wilkinson). Melic doesn't understand the way the incident is handled. The car was not impounded, for one thing, and the discrepancy in Malcolm's statement isn't questioned.

Melic becomes obsessed with gathering evidence on the case, particularly after meeting the boy's mother and seems to become interested in her. Summer, on the other hand, wants him to stop investigating. Malcolm? His conscience is killing him.

Good movie, if not great, with an excellent performance by Wilkinson, as always. There is something about his presence in any film that elevates it, in my opinion. He is such an excellent actor, and has such a wide range, that he draws a viewer in immediately.

Joel Edgerton approached his role in an internalized way, probably not to everyone's taste, but his performance is solid. Jai Courtney comes off in his role as a determined detective who is able to keep his emotions in check until the very end, sort of inwardly seething.

All in all, very good, also quite dark. No one leaves this world unscathed.

Reviewed by gradyharp 10 / 10

'Time... time and the world swallows events. And it's sad but that's how it is.'

From Australia comes this very well written and acted, tense drama that is particularly attuned to our times – the recently noted role of the police force involved in criminal activity and brutality. Written by actor Joel Edgerton who also stars this is storytelling on the first order – well worth viewing and pondering.

The concept behind the film is the inner workings of the police force, both old timers such as Detective Carl Summer (a brilliant performance by Tom Wilkinson), hard working detectives like Malcolm Toohey (Joel Edgerton) who happen to make mistakes after having celebrated with booze a recent traumatic arrest, and a newcomer to the force Jim Melic (Jai Courtney is a very sensitive portrayal). Though the focus is on an accidental hit and run between Toohey and a bicycle riding youngster following a checkpoint where Toohey (who has been drinking is stopped by local police but not held because he is a fellow cop) calls for help but decides to cover-up his part in the encounter, the other two cops are at equal crossroads: Summer tells Toohey to fabricate a story to prevent his being arrested for hit and run, a fact that Summer's new ride along partner Melic cannot justify and seeks the mother of the injured child (Sarah Roberts) to console her. As the tension mounts and the youngster's situation deteriorates and so do the lives of these three detectives. Despite Toohey's wife (Melissa George) encouraging him not to tell the truth as well as Summer's insistence that for the safety of the force and the three cops Toohey maintain his fabricated story, Toohey is ridden with guilt and begins to change his mind about the incident and his involvement. Summer is intolerant of Toohey's weakness and in a struggle Melic (who has made an indecent advance to the child's mother despite his extending support for her) brutally assaults Summer resulting in brain damage. All three cops must walk that thin line between truth and fiction and the effect that truth will have on their careers.

At times the Australian accents are tough to understand but that is a very minor point. This is a beautifully scripted, conceived, photographed and acted film that should be high on everyone's list of top films of the year.

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