Female Werewolf


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trashgang 2 / 10

nothing to see and boring

Just came across this flick by seeing the advertisement poster which looked old school exploitation. Perfect example how people can be tricked by posters.

Clocking in just over an hour even then it's way too long. We follow a girl who thinks she's going to become a werewolf and falls for her female colleague. So far for the story.

The flick itself is extremely slow. It should have horror elements as it is being sold as a horror but it hasn't any. On part of the lesbian thing going on there are parts were in slo-mo you see both girls having oral sex but with their clothes on.

There aren't any real effects, just the teeth which reminded me more of a vampire in stead of a werewolf. It tries to be mysterious and erotic but fails completely. For example why go to a fridge at your own place if you know it's empty...it's towards the end that the transformation takes place into a werewolf but cheaply done and too much slo-mo

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 0/5 Story 0,5/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by Nigel P 9 / 10

Tries Something Different But It Just Doesn't Work

Described by Chris Alexander as a 'fetish film', 'Female Werewolf' certainly injects new levels of salaciousness into this story of a woman who suspects she maybe some kind of werewolf. By the film's close, we're still not sure whether she is crazy, whether her perceived lycanthropy is her way of pigeonholing her lesbianism or whether, as a typically murky (but impressive) transformation into a briefly glimpsed beast might attest, she is actually given to sprouting fangs and fur. Tangibly, in the 'real world', when she inspects her appearance in the bathroom of her sparsely furnished flat, the searched-for protruding teeth are nowhere to be found.

Whether it is in her mind or not, whether the murder of sexy office girl Cheryl Singleton and her subsequent wraith-like reappearances are real, or just part of Carrie Gemmell's secluded world doesn't actually seem terribly important. What we have here is a continuation of Chris Alexander's 'vision' for film-making – a Rollin-esque lack of regard for closure, or a hugely tangible story-line that scans like an hallucinogen or a dream. This may be his third full length feature, and we may have become more familiar with his doom-laden atmospherics, lack of dialogue and mesmerising attention to detail, but he still deliberately obfuscates for the sake of soaking his projects in a minimalist other-worldliness. Here – as always – we see signs of life: a roadway bustling, a snow-flecked POV shot from inside a car, Gemmell's sparse office job – but it is all held defiantly at arm's length. The true reality is in the enclosed isolationist's world of half seen monsters, cold eroticism and blood – lots of blood.

I really want there to be more films from Chris Alexander. 'Female Werewolf' may echo a few moments from his earlier 'Blood for Irina (2012)' (starring Shauna Henry, only glimpsed here) but he clearly has plenty more stories to tell.

Reviewed by casablancavic 1 / 10

nothing to see here...please carry on...nothing to see here

there are low budget films which are good. there are low budget films which are bad. there are low budget films which are bad and funny and then... there are low budget films which just suck...and this is the one which just sucks... it's not bad enough to be funny, it's not bad enough to be artistic or deep...it's just bad

there's no story...and what meager little plot there is - is so drawn out with the most pointless direction, horrid casting, lack of depth, poor visuals, bad editing, brutal delivery, terrible soundtrack, deplorable art and props, bland and lifeless locations, painful camera work and atrocious dialogue...even what little there is...

there is nothing to see here and think that it holds the slightest chance of entertainment content is sadly holding on to lost hope

this is not the worst movie I have ever seen, but it's coming very close...so the writer/director/actors and everybody involved can feel proud that they have not totally hit rock bottom

listen people...if you're going to waste your time and effort into making a film...at least make it mediocre enough to be called "art" or "nuveau" - or whatever the new term for making schlock into something remotely view-able and interesting...this has nothing...

even being sedated, stoned or drunk offers the viewer no hope of redemption...

there are plenty of movies which are bad and still more enjoyable than this to watch...and they suck...this just sucks on a totally lower level

regardless of budget in this case...no amount of money would have turned this sad sorry attempt of nothing into anything spectacular or even half-assed good

I wasted time awaiting to see what would come out of this...and the only thing that did, is my blatant negative review on something so mind-numbingly crap that any other viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy reading this review much more than sitting for 3 minutes watching your |film|

I was stuck in a bed - immobilized from an auto accident and was entertained more-so by watching weather reports of rain and the political debate

when that happens to your viewers, then it's time for you to do something more productive and start selling lemonade at your very own lemonade stand - and hope that you can do better than you did in making this film...good luck on that

save your time, effort and money - buy some plastic cups, make some ice, cut some lemons and start making lemon juice...because when life give you lemons...you don't make a movie like this - you just don't

you take those lemons, cut them in half - and squeeze the juice out and sell it with a cup of ice and some sugar...grab your 50 cents a cup and call it a day

then after you made your 50 cents, you don't invest that hard earned money into making something as dismal and depressing as this

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