Fender Bender


Horror / Thriller

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Makenzie Vega as Hilary
Dre Davis as Rachel
Bill Sage as The Driver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

Enjoy your bath

The opening sequence lets us know the fender bender (Bill Sage) is the killer who wears a latex mask and we know how he operates. Hilary (Makenzie Vega), a high school student aspiring to be a ballerina is the next victim and clearly the final girl. The plot doesn't sound like much much but they add an ex-boyfriend issue as well as a few friends popping over. Personally I would have done the 911 call a lot earlier and my insurance company demands a police report for any auto repairs, just saying.

The film was okay. Hilary being a ballerina, by formula should have worked back into the film, and it did briefly, but not how I expected. Normally after being whacked in the head a few times with a tire iron, I don't move much. This is your basic break-in stalker/slasher film without Eric Roberts in a cameo role. 2 1/2 stars Guide: No sex or nudity. No swearing as I recall

Reviewed by landont-61-661045 3 / 10

Stupidest slasher film I've seen in a while

So, first I'll describe the good things about this film. Some of the shots were brilliant, and the atmosphere, tension, and the excellent stalk-and-slash eighties feel of this film was very nice. Just a guy in a mask stalking some teens, very nice job.

Then we get to the ending and I was screaming at the screen. The heroine was a total idiot.

She burns him with a cigarette lighter for like five seconds, thinks hes dead, doesn't bother to pick up his knife and finish him off, and goes back inside the house into a room with no other escape and starts calling 911. Why didn't she get in one of the four operating vehicles on the premises and leave? There were FOUR cars on that lot, all working, and then when the killer corners her back in the house, she refuses to jump out the huge window beside her, and backs into a corner to meet her fate.

Honestly, that ruined the entire thing for me. The blond girl is also equally as dumb. She lies there and watches the car roll over her, instead of lying in the middle of the tracks and sliding under it.

If not for the stupidity of the characters, this would have been a great flick.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 7 / 10

A surprise horror gem

I'll be honest, horror films are one of the most depressing things in the world to me. I like the concept of the genre so much that to see it being abused as badly as it is in modern cinema is just devastating. So very few horror films today are even watchable, let alone what you would consider enjoyable. So when rare and unexpected gems like 'Fender Bender' come along, it just makes me so happy.

That's not to say it's a perfect film. Far from it. There are the typical unbelievably stupid character decisions that drive me crazy. That's certainly the film's biggest flaw. The acting is a little shaky in places too, but other than it really is just positives left to focus on. The opening scene is actually very well done. It was surprisingly well crafted and set a good tone for the film. Then the film goes into a set up period. This was a little tedious, but it was excusable because it was taking the time to make you care about the characters, something that would be very important later on.

Then the action kicks off and it's a fun ride. There are genuine scares littered throughout and I found myself actually caring about the fate of the characters - something that is incredibly rare in modern horror. Probably the thing I loved the most about the film though is that it pulls no punches. Nothing is off limits and that is a necessity for a horror film to be successful - and yet so few do it. Writer/director Mark Pavia only has one previous credit, a Stephen King film from 1997 called 'The Night Flier' which also has a high rating for the horror genre. It's clear he has a lot of talent. Let's just hope he doesn't wait another 19 years to make his next film.

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