Final Exam


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 19%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by t-birkhead 6 / 10

Unexpectedly charming, slasher obscurity.

I watched Final Exam having read through most of the reviews on these pages and the general disdain displayed. For almost two thirds of its length I had a nagging feeling that the film was going to actually end up as bad as its three point something rating and it would be one of the rare occasions that watching an obscure and ill received slasher didn't pay off well, but at about 55 minutes in everything turned out OK. The reason I was worried is that after a generic opening kill sequence the film goes for a long stretch without any teen offing going on. It just focuses on the characters and their hijinks and the college location, slowly building up a bunch of uncommonly (for the genre) likable youngsters, until when the film finally hits slaughter mode it is sweetly effective because the people in danger are people the audience knows enough about to actually root for. The heroine, played by Cecilia Bagdadi is a particularly sweet looking and likable character whilst the geeky but still somewhat cool Radish (Joel S. Rice) is also memorable. Even the more generic types in the film, folks that in other movies would be simple one note jerks, are more interesting than usual because the film actually cares about its characters. Thus, the death filled final third has constant suspense, some effective jumps and chilling moments and an overall feel of excitement. There is virtually no gore, but the kills are good and vicious and one is pretty ingenious. Plus the quality of the stalking means that there's less of a need for gore because the suspense really works. Many folks I suspect will be put off b the uneventful build up in this one but I'd say its worth sticking with. Also, there's a shooting related prank that takes up a reasonable amount of time that in this day and age is a bleakly amusing relic. What with the various tragic high school shootings of recent years, this prank comes across as the sort of thing that mostly one would only find in a Troma film and its uncomfortably comic to see such a thing in an otherwise not too original slasher. I'm not sure quite what too make of this scene but its certainly memorable. All in all, this is probably worth a look if, like me you have a hunger for just about any watchable Eighties slasher fodder. Those who are more discerning or have more taste for gore might want to bypass this though.

Reviewed by Greenzombidog 8 / 10

One of the better ones.

Rolling out of the 80's is another slasher. This one stays pretty close to the Halloween mould (just listen to that theme tune).

A looming brute of a killer stalks a bunch of students picking them off one at a time. No mask on this guy but he still seems to have quite a menacing aura about him. What raises this one above the crowd is a pretty well written script and some likable characters. I actually found myself quite liking the nerdy guy character in this one. which is quite unusual in this type of movie. There's a real lack of gore in Final exam as well which is surprising, with a majority of kills being off screen. This doesn't spoil the movie as it's more than made up for in the final moments with a great set piece to finish the whole thing off.

A definite must see for slasher fans, but if you're not a fan of the genre this isn't the one thats going to convert you.

Reviewed by FinalExamFella 7 / 10

A Personal Fav for Personal Reasons

I realize I am biased on this one, but I own a copy of this '80s hack-'em-up and watch it regularly. Is it a great movie, on par with the original Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street? Hell no. But I love it. Why? I must confess, I love it for the simple fact that the movie was filmed on the campus of the college I attended and graduated from. Yep, Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina can boast the honor of being the setting of this film. All the exteriors and most of the interiors(except for a couple shot on a sound stage somewhere in NC and the gym scenes shot at Garner Web College nearby)were shot at my college. As a huge horror fan, it gives me an extra little thrill to watch that film and recognize all the buildings and rooms that I walked daily for four years. And I do think the movie has some good points. It does admirably attempt to develop the characters(even though most of them are so uninteresting I could care less, unfortunately), and I waffle between my feelings on the movie not revealing the killer's motives. Part of me agrees with Billy in Scream(it is scarier when there's no motive, so random), but another part of me longs for the closure of knowing why... In any case, I don't think it's as dreadful a film as others(such as Dorm that Dripped Blood), and the fact that my alma mater hosted the film thrills me. Unfortunately, the school doesn't really advertise the fact. lol I think it should have plaques that announce that this building is where the killer killed the school tramp, and this building housed the final showdown between the killer and the school virgin. I keep hoping they'll come back and film a sequel. Keep your fingers crossed...

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