Final Girl


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Abigail Breslin as Veronica
Wes Bentley as William
Alexander Ludwig as Jameson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by witster18 3 / 10

I dunno that I have EVER seen a more under-developed plot.

This is a terrible film. Not bad. Terrible.

I have seen about 60 films from 2015.. maybe more. Right now this is the worst one that I've seen.

Never have I seen a film that seemed so disinterested in telling me anything about how or why these people are who they are. The backstories are non-existent. We care nothing for these characters. The writing is awful. And in the end - you just have to ask yourself "why".

I just can't grasp how any film-maker would want to release such an incomplete mess of a film. It's really a bit disrespectful to the viewers if you ask me. You plop down in the middle of these characters lives, and there's seemingly a ton of potentially interesting material that put them where they are... you get NOTHING.

The end is a mess too.

The film feels like the last 10 minutes of a stage play you walked in on. A bunch of crap that you don't know why is going-on, only in this case it wouldn't have mattered if you had sat through he first 85 minutes because the film gave you NOTHING!

Worse than Pixels, worse than anything else this year...

You got me Final Girl... You got me;).. Breslin... stylish looking trailer... you got me.

Trash! 33/100.

Go rent the very average Final GirlS instead... it's not great, but it's an Oscar contender next to this junk.

Pass... don't say I didn't warn you.

Reviewed by g-78435 1 / 10

a complete waste of electricity...

Seriously ? This picture got made ? Even the paper used to print the script was a waste of good material.

It gets a one star rating only because it is useful to show to film students as a lesson on how-not-to write and develop a concept... and should be useful as a map to the waste basket.

Actors can take on any project for a workout. Why anyone would go all the way to actually shooting this thing is a mystery though.

I could go on but i think this rotten egg fried itself well enough.

If there weren't a ten line minimum i would not have wasted even this much energy to write the review... But maybe someone out there will be spared the trouble of watching this tripe when they surely have something better to do.

Reviewed by Murenu84 6 / 10

Not a bad movie to watch alone

This is actually a good movie to watch when your just alone and want to see something by yourself............................................. I see a lot of reviews on this movie talking bad about it .. Some say it ruined a date or wasn't entertaining, that makes me believe those comments come from people who always expect a movie to have nudes and sexy scenes to help them get laid or from kids who just like cool Michael Bay explosions.............................................. This is a slow paced movie and its just what it was intended to be, like for example "sin city" in movies like that you cant expect total realism, there's some art in it. its not great but not bad too...... the end.

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