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John Rhys-Davies as Corky Taylor
Chuck Norris as Max Donigan
Louis Gossett Jr. as Leo Porter
Sonny Landham as El Coyote
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Reviewed by dch48 8 / 10

I disagree with the one who said Pathetic

I actually think this movie is Norris's best effort to date. I enjoyed it. The interplay between him and Gossett was good stuff and it didn't have much of the martial arts nonsense I hate so much. I give it a 9 out of 10. I liked the story and to me, Chuck was funny. He's a far better actor than Seagal, but then, who isn't? It's kind of a pity Chuck didn't continue along the lines of this movie and went in other directions. None of which, in my opinion, were as entertaining. As a rule, I never watch any movies made by Martial arts people turned "actors" but I made an exception for this one and was pleasantly surprised. Not a classic by any means, but worth watching.

Reviewed by witsend64 5 / 10

What are the odds...

...of running a Jeep into a huge water-hole in the middle of the desert?I don't know, but Chuck Norris did in this surprisingly funny flick. It seems people either like it or hate it. Granted, it's no classic, but it is funny (not hilarious) and the whole family can watch it together. It has some pretty good gags (like our two heroes dressed up in priestly frocks) and one liners ("You'll still be bald"). It's a good example of efficient 80's film making. Don't expect a bloated CGI filled Speilberg epic. Firewalker is just plain fun.

Reviewed by Jay Heilman 10 / 10

A great Chuck Norris flick

I have to say that I thought "Firewalker" was one of Chuck Norris's best films. I know many don't agree with me on that, especially my movie critic partner, Bryan, but truly, if you look past the cheesiness at some times, the movie was quite entertaining. It's actually one of my favorites too. I guess I could never explain thoroughly as to why I think that it's a great movie, but maybe being a Chuck Norris fan is one. The movie is no longer in print, so the only way to see it, is by renting it at a movie store. I actually got lucky enough to find a copy of it at Best Buy about 4 years ago. If you haven't yet seen it, I suggest renting it and seeing for yourself.

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