Five Thirteen


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jguz58 7 / 10

I've seen a lot worse

Five Thirteen is similar in concept to Crash and Babel in which several people's lives unexpectedly intersect. That may be a weakness to some people, but nevertheless the film held my attention well.

However, this is not the best of films, either. It got a little weak toward the end with how they did the big tie-up, and the Taryn Manning story was the weakest part of it, but there's some solid acting here (some of the cast, anyway) and some surprises along the way too.

I had never heard of Kader Ayd before this and he hasn't directed very many films (none in over 3 years either, so who knows if/when he will) but this is an admirable effort. I will probably watch it again sometime soon.

Reviewed by DanHasThreeLetters 4 / 10

Not that good

Wasn't gonna bother reviewing this movie initially, because it's not really a movie anyone ever even heard about and it's not one really worth hearing about either.

Anyway the reason I decided to do so still is because there are only 8 reviews in total and 4 of these are with a 99% certainty phoney ones made by people who actually made the movie (the fact the only movie they have rated is this and other Kader Ayd directed movies is a clear hint of this) and the fact that they won't admit the obvious flaws.

Anyway regarding the movie it's pretty bland, a positive thing is the visual aspect it looks pretty neat for a low-budget movie with cool colours and well-placed angles but the movie is just far too messy it has like 8 different sub-plots all filled with plot holes.

Acting is, not terrible I guess overall but not very good either.

Worst part is the pace though it's supposed to be a tight thriller but it's just awfully slow at times and that's often where the weakness in the script and dialog shows itself the most.

Malik Barnhardt and Avelawalance Philips have the leads, and Tom Sizemore has a reasonably big role as well.

If you are interesting to watch it for any of the other cast-members don't expect too much of them, Taryn Manning for instance is just in it for a couple minutes in the beginning and the end.

Overall the type of movie you forgot you even watched, 2 months after the fact (maybe shorter we will see).

Reviewed by alshwenbear1 2 / 10

Bad acting, corny lines, very unattractive women, whose makeup seemed to be applied by a circus clown.

Nothing worth to mention, except for the first five minutes. The actors seem to be playing a "lame role", unconvincing and soap opera like, the music is over melodramatic adding to the lack of talent. Not even Tom Sizemore, (whom I had the chance to meet in LA in 2002, on 22nd street and Union Ave, while he filmed Robbery Homicide Division), adds anything to this movie. The scenes of the bank Robbery , taken straight out from "HEAT" and Sizemore fixation on playing a mix if DeNiro and Pacino while being on antidepressants, or maybe trying to remember his lines. The clichés, close-ups, and photography another let down, so far this movie seemed to be financed and acted by a bunch of guys who had too much time in their hands and not a single bright idea! The only one who is up for the job is Steven Bauer, on the other side of the coin I would said that the worse of all is the "actor" Malik Barnhardt, I wish that he has been shot instead of the cop! Seriously, if I were you I would pass on this one, and reinvest my time watching again HEAT, or THE TOWN or THE Italian JOB, heck I would settle down for Disney's Robin Hood for a better time!

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