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Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by (theviperqueen) 8 / 10

Low budget,but good.

While many seem to have not liked this movie,for whatever reasons,I thought it was pretty damn good,for a lower budget film. It has kind of a modern,yet classic slasher film,feel to it. Don't know how else to describe it. Good music throughout too,if you like rock. I guess it's not 'tons of gore&tits in your face' enough for some. The knife kills were more implied,than seen. I like a little more to knife kill scenes myself,but still,these were'nt done too badly. Also,it's not too heavy on the 'sappy bonding moment',thing,that too many movies do with couples. Good acting,for the most part. Was'nt too fond of 'the sock part' LOL,but whatever,still a good,low-budget movie,that deserves a chance,IMHO. A fun movie.

Reviewed by tamimarie228 1 / 10

Wipe with a sock.

The acting was really horrible and the whole movie must have been filmed with a potato or something. Then the one guy says that he wiped his bum with a sock. What does that have to do with the rest of the movie? Nothing. Then they say that it's Saturday. Then they say that it's Friday. Then Saturday again, then Monday and then Tuesday. Was that really that important to tell me what day it was? They could have just said 'the day before' or something. This movie came in a pack with 14 other horrible movies and this was one of the worst. It could have just ended with the credits but no. They had to go on and on with this lady talking about pie on her web log. No thanks, movie. I was like, 'no, come on. Let's just get this over with.' Instead of using a sock to wipe his bum with, he should have used the film of this movie. Then there wouldn't be a movie and I wouldn't be sitting here writing another crappy review.

Reviewed by James Gorman 1 / 10

I like bad movies, this was unwatchable

I think someone watched the final seen from Soprano's and was like wow what a good idea. It didn't work after 7 years of a brilliant TV show and it sure didn't work for this piece of crap. I would say the acting was a 3 of 10 not good but I wasn't stuck their annoyed with it. The plot was bad but I did like how the killer found out were they lived, thought that part was actually a little creative. The receptionist wasn't that bad as an actress. Overall though the writing was a 1 of 10, acting 3 of 10, dialog 1 of 10, ending -5 of 10 blood and guts factor 0 of 10 overall 1 of 10 is about right not the worst movie I have ever seen but I am having trouble of thinking of something worse.

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