For Love or Money


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Michael J. Fox as Doug Ireland
Gabrielle Anwar as Andy Hart
Bob Balaban as Ed Drinkwater
Udo Kier as Mr. Himmelman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shecky J. O'Pootertoot ([email protected]) 7 / 10

A romantic comedy that I didn't hate. What the heck? Must be something wrong...

No, this movie is actually pretty good. It's quick and efficient, it does its job well, but it's not something you're going to think much about ten minutes after you see it (now, now, don't get greedy).

Why do I like it? Fox. And I don't consider myself a big Michael J. Fox fan, I mean, he was good in Family Ties, but that was a long time ago and he's done some stinkers between then and now. Maybe because the smooth talker consierge he plays in this reminds me a little of Alex P. Keating back in the day. This guy is super-slick, his mind is always going at incredible speeds. One part that will always stand out is the 'ticket trade' scene (How'd this Donahue get in here?). Funny stuff. There are a few good laughs in here.

Oops, can't forget Gabrielle Anwar. She is just cute as a button in this movie, I want to see more of her (the only other movie of hers I can think of off hand is Body Snatchers). Heck, you can almost forgive her for basically playing a prostitute in this one. If you don't agree,ask yourself this: Would she have taken any of this guys crap if he was a married garbage man from New Jersey and not a married european millionaire fashion mogul? Of coarse not, she's in it for the money. Hell, i'd wear a skirt and put out for that kind of scratch.

The director Barry Sonnenfeld has an interesting resume of hits (Men in Black) and misses (Wild Wild West) and just entertaining films (Get Shorty). This one is entertaining fluff. It's an hour and a half of your time that you won't regret spending. 7/10 stars. G'night!

Reviewed by Chris-369 7 / 10

Feel-good film

For Love or Money can best be described as a happy-go-lucky movie that is sure to make you smile.

Fox plays Doug, a concierge who has a dream of owning his own hotel - all he needs is the start up capital. He meets a guy who is keen to help but things get complicated when Doug discovers that his new found friend and financial helper is going out with the girl who he has been after for months (Anwar).

The outcome of this movie is no surprise and the love/hate relationship and chemistry between Fox and Anwar is very entertaining.

Overall an enjoyable film for all ages.

Reviewed by YFL 7 / 10

Pretty Good

I quite liked this movie ... it wasn't particularly special, basically a rather traditional love story... but it hit in the right places. And Michael J. Fox's character Doug, a concierge being the center of a romance is fresh and appealing. One of the scenes I liked was when he showed Gabrielle Anwar's character, Andy, his dreams ... literally. Everything seemed to come in together ... you really understood then how much it meant to him, and his sharing it with Andy was a wonderful gesture of his love for her. The moment was magical, the best in the whole movie for me. Watch this if you like a conventionally exceptional love story.

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