For the Boys


Action / Comedy / Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 38%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 4427


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Billy Bob Thornton as Marine Sergeant, Korea
Vince Vaughn as Cheering Soldier in Crowd
James Caan as Eddie Sparks
Bette Midler as Dixie Leonard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kmarquis-2 10 / 10

Did we see the same movie?

I thought this movie was a 10+! The flashback format is interesting and watching the characters' lives and attitudes progress through the present-day Dixie's reminiscences. This is why it is puzzling to me that another person's comment contained the following criticism in regards to Bette's character Dixie: "She is perhaps nave and oblivious to what war is about and maybe even thinks it's just one big party and nobody really dies or suffers. By the end when she goes to Vietnam she is a vulgar, disgusting, embittered slob who harbors some anger that the GIs no longer swoon over her as they did a quarter of a century or so earlier. The GI's are of a different generation and she can't relate to them or why they have the attitude they do. She is perhaps also angry with herself for not being able to be enthused about performing for the fighting men of this war the way she was years ago. How does she end up like this?"

Huh??? Dixie was an angry, embittered woman because Eddie Sparks sold out on her uncle! Her volatile reaction to his betrayal begins the systematic annihilation of her career. She didn't want to go on tour with him and only did so because he talked her into it, "For the Boys"!

If anything, it is Eddie Sparks who is oblivious to the changes of the times during the Vietnam war and is unable to make the leap from the USO tours of the previous wars to this strange and confusing part of our history and it is Dixie who takes control of the out-of-hand situation in her inimitable style by getting the rowdy soldiers back in line and then not only sings them the quintessential song of the era, but caps her low-key performance with the peace sign! My god, SHE was the one who was truly in tune with the confusion these soldiers were experiencing!

So, I have to ask...did we see the same movie?

Reviewed by Brandon Hall 10 / 10


This is my second favorite Bette Midler movie, the first of course being Isn't She Great. I really like this movie. The plotline deals with two USO singers (Bette Midler, James Caan)who entertain the troops during WW2. They are so popular that years later they are called back to do a reunion, in which they are being honored, to perform for a new generation. This is not a film for the whole family. It's a war movie, but it's not all killing, it has very sensitive subject matters in it... such as the death of Dixie Leanord's (Bette Midler) husband and son. If you wanted to be entertained 2 hours and 20 minutes this is the film to see. This is on my top 10 favorite movies list, and if you see it, it might be on yours too. A well earned 10/10!

Reviewed by David Fick 7 / 10

(7/10) Midler shines in epic tearjerker

"For The Boys" is the story of two people - the irrepressible Dixie Leonard (Bette Midler) and the instantly dislikable but ever popular Eddie Sparks (James Caan). Set against the backdrop of wars in which the United States has been involved, the film moves from station to station as the pair entertain the boys while they bicker and fight amongst themselves.

The film starts with an aged Midler telling a studio assistant (Arye Gross) her tale, starting in the forties with World War II, moving through the was in Korea and climaxing in Vietnam. Along the way, she gets to sing a few classic tunes, including "Stuff Like That There" and "P.S. I Love You, as part of the stage act of comedian Eddie Sparks.

Bette Midler delivers a fine performance as the embittered Dixie Leonard who has seen it all in fifty odd years in the business. She layers her performance with emotion after emotion and has the gift of bringing out that quality in her fellow actors. The highlight of this film is her understated performance of "In My Life" at the small Vietnamese camp - truly a moment when the world stops turning and we are graced with a glimpse of heaven. James Caan, playing a quintessential son of a bitch, is less comfortable in his role but has some fine moments opposite his dynamic co-star.

The purpose of this film is not to document the wars which form such an integral backdrop to the plot. It succeeds primarily as a story of people - their suffering and their joy is real and it affects the audience in no uncertain terms. You will either love or hate this movie. Either way, take the time to decide - its worth the screening even if only for the divine Miss M.

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