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Peter Weller as Danny G
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Daniel Deltondo ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Nothing original but Highly Entertaining Gary Daniels Fight Flick

It has been a while since UK Martial Artist Action Star Gary Daniels has headlined a movie in a starring role, but it was worth the wait. After turning in great bad guy performances in Expendables 1 (having one of the most memorable deaths courtesy of a jet Li axe kick to the head), and arch nemesis to Wesley Snipes in Game of Death & Steve Austin in Hunt to Kill, it was time for Gary to return to where he is best. The kick ass action hero bent on revenge (this time for his brother). Set in similar scenario as many bloodsport type events, much of the film is stuff you have seen before and while this could dangerously lead the film to be isn't. From the start, it is clear all the actors can actually act and Gary turns in a good American accent, father and husband who is "Forced to Fight" to protect his brother. Robocop Peter Weller is a great addition as the main villain "Danny G" who orchestrates the fights and is holding Gary's character to ransom. The story never gets boring, the fights have some great moments (a couple of shots could have chosen better angles) but overall an enjoyable Gary Daniels actioneer for a Friday or Saturday night with the boys. Or in my case with my 3 year old martial arts enthusiast daughter. It isn't the best Gary Daniels film ever, but its great to see Gary Back where he belongs - front & centre of the DVD cover, in video shops as the main star. Out on Video on Demand, Blu Ray and DVD in the US now and other parts of the world to follow.

Reviewed by Mark Maharaj 10 / 10

Excellent Jeff Daniels Movie

Maybe I am nuts here, maybe I expected very little, but this movie was better than expected.

It was better than good.

Dare I say almost great....yes it had some sub-par acting and the camera work was a little hazy during the fights but it was fun, fast paced, light drama, heavy action.

Maybe my score was due to my low expectations...but once you know what to expect, then when it surpasses those expectations, what more can be asked? Jeff Daniels did a GREAT performance, and Peter Weller can make any script decent. All in all at least try it and enjoy it for what it is; a solid action drama.

10 Stars from me....I am a fight movie fan and enjoyed the plot, nothing new but for a movie like this, it ain't a bad thing.

Reviewed by tatsu2050 7 / 10

surprisingly good

I'm not going to write anything about the story, other reviewers have already done so. Only so much: yes, it's pretty basic, has been done before a million times BUT... I think in this one it's done comparatively well. As another reviewer wrote, the time which passes between scenes has not been worked out well and you wonder about the jumps in behavior and emotion. But the acting is much better than you would expect from such a movie and the actors can't be blamed for inconsistencies in the script and what the directer/producer did with it.

Now, to those who wonder less about the story and more about the fighting: The choreography is done much better than in most 80s and 90s martial arts flicks. You also have a lot of grappling but not so much as to make it boring. I think it's a very entertaining mix of fancy moves and realistic MMA techniques with a stand up fighting to grappling ratio of roundabout 80/20%.

If you are a fan of Gary Daniels anyways you gonna LOVE this one :).

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