Forest Warrior


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family

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Chuck Norris as McKenna
Barbara Niven as Stacy Franklin
Loretta Swit as Shirley
William Sanderson as Paul Carpio
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gemmaz 10 / 10


One word: Yes. A three in one experience: Home Alone, PBS's Nature, and Walker, Texas Ranger all in an hour and a half!

Special effects: The special effects were excellent, particularly the sparkling light balls. We also enjoyed the animal to human transformations. Seamless.

Law enforcement: The lawyers were accurately portrayed and incredibly competent considering the fees they were charging. The permit process was entirely plausible...I mean, who needs NEPA or EPA approval anyway?

Animals: The killer chipmunk? Slam dunk. A falcon transforming into a fist? Yes please!

Life lessons: The deep and riveting plot line of the alcoholic father and the lumber tycoon who finds his morality left us wanting more. Also Chuck was full of his usual cogent remarks on life's profundities.

Fight scenes: We were on the edge of our seats. It IS Chuck. The little kid who kicks the bad lumberjack in the face was the icing on the cake.

Political Correctness: comments like pull up your pantyhose (and be a man), and those environmentalist fairies were a couple gems.

Choreography: three words -- lumberjack dance scene.

Costume design: A great tour of some timeless 90s classics. Dad and Mom jeans a plenty!

Fave quotes: "There were six of them (bad guys) and then there were five..." (because Chuck was kicking their butts!) "How very sad." "Sad this!"

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Chuck Norris as a spiritual being who faces off lumberjacks chopping trees down in his forest

This is a children fantasy about a magical mountain , a mysterious legend and a story of courage against all odds ; including an ecological message , being realized by Norris brothers , Chuck and Aaron . It deals with children fight to save the local forests of Tanglewood Mountain helped by a spiritual being named John McKenna (Chuck Norris) who was possessed a century before (1875) by a mountain spirit and who is able to transform into bear, wolf or eagle . A greedy developer (Terry Kiser) , owner of 'Thorne Lumber' enterprise attempts to chop trees for his profit , as the little boys with the help of the ghostly man who was murdered in the same woods long time ago , along with the sheriff (Max Gail) and a drunk father (Michael Beck) struggle the nasty lumbermen .

The film is a blending between ¨Beastmaster¨ along with a group of children in ¨Goonies¨ style and antics , kick-asses , frolics against villains like ¨Home alone¨ . Mild and light adventure with ecology issue , it's full of fighting , humor , action and silly scenes and results to be an average flick . The picture packs action , explosions and several slight fights in Terence Hill/Bud Spencer style . Good support cast crammed by familiar faces as Roscoe Lee Browne , Max Gail , Loreta Swift , William Sanderson , Barbara Niven , George Buck Flower , John Dennis Johnson , among others . Colorful cinematography by Joao Fernades , usual of Chuck Norris films ; being filmed on location in Hood River, Lost Lake, Mount Hood, and Parkdale, Oregon, USA . Functional musical score and including some beautiful songs . The motion picture was regularly directed by Aaron Norris who has usually produced , playing stunts and directed various vehicles for his brother Chuck , such as ¨Missing in action 3¨, ¨Delta Force 2¨ , ¨Hitman¨ , ¨Hellbound¨, some episodes of ¨Walker Texas Ranger¨and three children films such as ¨Sidekicks¨ , ¨Top dog¨ and this ¨Forest warrior¨. The only film done by Aaron Norris to not have Chuck Norris in it was ¨Platoon leader¨. Rating : Average but entertaining . The picture will appeal to Chuck Norris fans .

Reviewed by Tails-3 1 / 10

An atrocious Chuck Norris ego-boost vehicle

I know that many of Chuck Norris' movies are filled with cliches and ripoffs of Dirty Harry and other such movies, but this one lays less off of Dirty Harry and instead goes for low immature humor and painfully bad scriptwriting. A pack of stupid kids protect the rainforest from a greedy troupe of redneck lumberjacks, with the help of the ghost of a part-Indian mountain man (played by none other than Chuck Norris) who happens to know karate. The film features a handful of Walker, Texas Ranger regulars, in addition to perhaps the most painful scriptwriting anyone has seen on this planet. But then again, what can we expect from Aaron Norris, who is Chuckie's little brother?? Also, did I forget to mention that the acting REALLY sucked!?

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