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Donald Sutherland as Rev. Clayton
Demi Moore as Mary-Alice Watson
Kiefer Sutherland as John Henry Clayton
Brian Cox as James McCurdy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darrenmurray84 8 / 10

Excellent Old School Western

There has been a number of westerns being released recently, from the excellent Bone Tomahawk, The Hateful Eight & the Revenant to the decent Diablo.

The Forsaken doesn't compare with the greats, but is still an excellent old style Western. The problem with this, is that it will be judged for being to old fashioned. If not for the swearing by the great Brian Cox, this is a Western that could have been made in the 60's with Glenn Ford or Randolph Scott.

All performances are excellent, and the reviewer saying that Kiefer Sutherland overacted, he must have been watching another movie. Donald Sutherland is equally as good as his son. Michael Wincott Wincott is also worth mentioning, in a memorable role as a hired gun. He seems to be channelling Val Kilmer in Tombstone. As mentioned before, Brian Cox is excellent as the villain, using up the films swear quota. The only poor lead role is Demi Moore, which is not down to her acting, but limited screen time and development. Still give her points for not being vain and letting her grey hair show through.

The plot isn't the most original, but gets the job done. Jon Cassar does a great job of directing and the Canadian scenery that is used looks terrific.

Reviewed by albereinstein 7 / 10

Confession is good for the soul.

Although this movie was done before by different actors, the whole drifter son who returns back in town, where ornery blokes are driving the town people out by using unsavory tactic to take possession of their property and land. Keifer returns to his father's home Donald, filled with a guilt of his past, only to realize that there are those who sometimes will not allow to forget it. I gotta say, the Sutherlands did a decent job on screen as a father and son duo, in which neither out stood the other in neither script or performance. Cox, WIncott and Moore, were also great co stars. In this film again, that has been done before. What moved me was the scene in the church were Keifer breakdowns and confesses his guilt to his father, who walks in on him talking to God, in whom Keifer never really believed in. That part had me little teary eyed. And of course end the retribution is handed down to those who have terrorized the towns people, and we all fill good at the end of the film. Cliché? yes. But a good cliché none the less, that stands the test of time and to see a father son duo do it so well, then I say we need more cliché films to enjoy.

Reviewed by cms-271-482756 9 / 10

Beautifully Made Western

I grew up in the era when the western was king. I really love a great classic western and Forsaken brought me back using classic tropes that many seemed to see as clichés but I welcomed as old friends. The cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is stellar, especially the Sutherlands, Demi Moore and Michael Wincott. At it's heart this movie is a beautiful father and son story, more drama than action flick which is also something I appreciate. As one who has not particularly been drawn to the revisionist western of today, ( zombies? aliens? incredible disgusting violence and nastiness? ) Forsaken was a breath of fresh air.

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