Freaks of Nature


Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
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Mae Whitman as Jenna Zombie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 7 / 10

"You Ate My Piano Teacher"

"Freaks of Nature" is a comedy/horror movie that actually works for a change! It takes place in Dillford, Anywhere, USA, where humans, vampires, and zombies live side-by-side and actually get along, that is, until some aliens decide to pay them a visit. With each "clan" pointing the fingers at each other and reading some sort of sell-out plan to the aliens, soon everybody is fighting everybody all over again.

Dag (wonderfully played by Nicholas Braun) is a high school virgin who is cocksure the luscious Lorelei, who keeps visiting him, will be the girl to end his virginity. Trouble is, Lorelei only "visits" because she keeps her dope at his house. Petra (also wonderfully played by Mackenzie Davis) is a hopeless and hapless girl who has had to carry an out-and-out lie about her character since she was 10. She unfortunately falls for the lines of a lascivious vampire who, once he turns her, stops taking her phone calls. Ned (superbly played by Josh Fadem) is a brainiac who wants to keep his straight A school record in tact so he can get a scholarship to an Ivy League school. When he feels he has nothing to live for, he decides to become a zombie. His slow transformation is a scream! Little do they know their town's future will depend solely on each one of them.

I have read some other comments about this movie that were not too nice. I think they simply missed the point of this movie. Yes, the plot was a little all over the place, but that did not bother me at all. Everyone in this film looked as if they were having a blast, so, that made it fun for me as well.

This movie is rated "R" and was a whole lot of fun. It never takes itself seriously, so why should we? Just enjoy!

Reviewed by Mikey Lee Smith 9 / 10

Humans, vampires, zombies and aliens oh my!

FREAKS OF NATURE review by Mike Smith "FAT Mike"

In the town of Dillford, humans, vampires and zombies were all living in peace until the alien apocalypse arrived. Now it's up to three teenagers, a human, a vampire, and a zombie to survive and bring peace to the once quiet town.

Humans, vampires, zombies and aliens oh my! This movie sounds not only ridiculous but like a lame train wreck, but it's not in anyway! Freaks Of Nature picks up and goes at the very start. This unique movie had me laughing from start to finish.

This film has an awesome cast of up and comers including Nicholas Braun (Red State), Mackenzie Davis (That Awkward Moment) and Josh Fadem (Miss March). They work really well together and quickly become these characters that you end up loving. The rest of the cast is made up of some well known people; Denis Leary, Bob Odenkirk, Keegan-Michael Key, Joan Cusack, Ian Roberts, Rachael Harris and the funny Patton Oswalt. The whole cast is funny and works amazingly well together. Unlike films similar to Caddyshack where the bigger named stars over power the smaller named actors, Freaks Of Nature doesn't do this and the main cast is the focus.

This film has some good practical effects although the C.G. is a bit cheesy, but it gives the film charm. One thing that makes me grade this movie so high is as soon as I finished watching Freaks Of Nature I wanted to watch it again right away.

With an awesome cast, ridiculous unique story, laugh out a loud comedy and an all around fun ride I have to say Freaks of Nature is my first must see film of 2016. So sit back and enjoy; cheers and remember live won't suck as long as there is a good movie to watch

9 out of 10

Edited by Samantha Locke

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Reviewed by EB Taylor 10 / 10

A fun fun fun fun film!

Freaks of nature...title makes no sense, but who cares. FON is bloody good time. Zombies, Vampires, Aliens oh my! And as I watched this film I kept thinking there's something missing?!...but lo and behold they didn't disappoint me, they threw in a Werewolf! The premise is not original as you may think, although it's been seen before, but on a much smaller scale courtesy of Joss Whedon's 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', but FON (this town) is on another level. FON is a good time, it has everything that makes a movie as such enjoyable for the viewer. Why?...because it didn't take itself seriously. The makers of this film knew it's contents would be silly as hell and they weren't gunning for any Oscars or Golden Globes. They simply wanted to make a fun film. The GGI effects were up to par when it came to showing us the Aliens, considering the budget and the practical effects were nothing I could really bitch about. Conversations and interactions with the zombies were hilarious. The Vampires of course were the cool kids(in high school), zombies were the social outcasts, but watching this, you'll end end up considering the zombies as 'The cool kids'. All the actor/actresses were on point, everyone knew their role in this film and they delivered the goods. I'll bet anything that they were going to try to make a PG-13 film, but at some point someone said "F it", and I'm glad they did. I'm leaning toward the thought that FON will someday become a cult classic, because I can't stress enough how much fun I had watching this film. I know others will feel the same. If people rate this film low, those people aren't true lovers of film. Yes the film has lots of bloody scenes and minor gore, but many of the deaths and or kills scenes are friggin hilarious. Patton Oswalt's basement death is a scene that comes to mind, when I think of how the film makers kept throwing curve balls in there. Whatever the case, if you wanna have a good time, rent it, buy it, do whatever you gotta do...but see Freaks Of Nature. I'm really not trying to do write a full out review of FON, this was more like what I felt about the film, so as the reader you can take this however you want to take it...again, see Freaks Of Nature, you'll love it.

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