Freaky Deaky


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Crispin Glover as Woody Ricks
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Billy Burke as Chris Mankowski
Michael Jai White as Donnell Lewis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rgblakey 6 / 10

Meet the intriguing characters of Freaky Deaky

Writer Elmore Leonard has delivered some interesting characters over the years, but up until now it was really only Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown and Barry Sonnenfield's Get Shorty that really successfully brought them to life. The latest attempt to bring another Leonard novel to life comes in the form of Freaky Deaky featuring a great cast including Christian Slater, Crispin Glover, Billy Burke, Michael Jai White, Bill Duke and Andy Dick, but does it deliver the strange and unique qualities needed to bring his characters and world to life?

Freaky Deaky follows an ex-bomb squad officer who is thrust into an investigation filled with rape, revenge, and explosives during circa 1974. At first this film feels like its going to be a complete mess, but then something happens and it sucks you right into this ridiculous world. This is mostly due to the creative and interesting characters that populate this 1970's universe. As the story moves forward each character is seemingly given their own time to shine to help bring this quirky dark comedy to life. The story is a bit all over the place, but works fairly well to due to these quirky strange characters and the bizarre story they are thrust into.

This is far from a perfect movie and there are some moments that just seem out of place or forced, but for the most part it works pretty well. If you are a fan of any of the other Leonard films then you will most likely enjoy this one as well as it comes across s thought it's the same universe. If nothing else, the strange relationship between Michael Jai White and Crispin Glover's characters is worth this whole move.

Reviewed by giallopudding 2 / 10

Amateurish and spot off on almost everything

I wanted to like this film. I love Elmore Leonard novels, and loved Get Shorty, 52 Pickup, Get Straight and Jackie Brown (Rum Punch). In the hands of a master like Tarantino, Elmore Leonard's complex and fast-paced plots, with numerous characters throwing witty street banter around, really shine.

Unfortunately, Charles Mattheau isn't up to the task, and characters are miscast, pacing is awful, even the score is wrong in so many places. This film often comes off as a bad TV tongue-in-cheek crime show, complete with dramatic musical flourishes when the camera zooms in on the sexy legs of actresses Sabina Gadeki and Breanne Racano. (Their legs and other beautiful body parts are the best things about these mediocre actresses, in my opinion). The explosion scenes are evidence of a severe shortage in the sfx budget as well as the actor budget.

Even the usually outstanding Crispin Glover as the spacey drunken rich guy Woody Ricks is tepid, either overacting scenes or underacting them. Everything seems out of sync in this film.

Perhaps I'm holding it up to too high of a standard with the aforementioned Leonard film adaptations. But it is what it is...and cool 70's sets and apparel (the novel was set in the 60s), witty Leonard dialog and clever plot apparently weren't enough for director Mattheau to pull this off. I have to believe Elmore Leonard is supremely disappointed in this effort, since as I recall he labeled this his favorite novel. One can only hope that someday a director like Tarantino remakes this film the right way, and captures the crazy 60's vibe from the novel.

Reviewed by kellystacey1980 9 / 10

Slick and Stylish! A real treat!

Slick, stylish and scatter shot, Charles Matthau's adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Freaky Deaky is enjoyable viewing. Though the book that the film was based on was resolutely set in the 1980s, Matthau's adaptation has been shifted into the 1970s, which offers up a whole lot more visual fun in terms of costumes, cars, locations and a nicely garish kitsch look. It features a very strong cast and the story essentially deals with three main sets of characters as they interact, all in the pursuit of easy money. They are cynical ex-bomb squad cop Chris Mankowski (Burke) and beautiful party girl Greta (Sabina Gadecki); super-eccentric long-haired millionaire Woody (Glover) and his loyal-sh driver/confidant Donelle (White), and finally ex-con/femme fatal Robin (Breanne Racano) and her bomb-making boyfriend Skip Gibbs (Slater). A suitably funky 1970s–style score and slices of smart dialog help push this film into the top echelon of its genre, and I highly recommend it!

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