Free Birds


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
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Owen Wilson as Reggie
Amy Poehler as Jenny
Keith David as Chief Broadbeak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gerry barnaby Film Reviewer 8 / 10

Hilarious laugh out loud funny

Sorry this is a film that doesn't deserve the bad reviews it got because if you cant find this film funny you are miserable as hell with no sense of humor because this is a extremely funny with slap stick humor, compared to most animated film this is so worth watching.

The writing in this comedic tale is spot on with the humor -- while the voice performances and animation are brilliantly done. The only downside to the movie, is the lack of inclusion of the song's that normal come in to animated film's…but seriously this was a laugh-out-loud movie that really only slows down during an attempt to throw in some romance. There is some amazing and hilarious animation done between Woody's voice acting for the character Jake

and the leader of the pack Chief Broadbeak voiced by Keith David in the old world when they try to out do each other in a macho contest, with some hilarious outrageous laugh out loud moments.

Owen Wilson voices of Reggie, the only sain turkey among a dumb pack of turkeys was brilliant to show a unsung hero of the bird world, i like that they gave his character that romance element as well which was funny with Jenny voiced by Amy Poehler, who his character just acts like a love sick puppy but it just brilliant done. Through this whole film you just find yourself laugh because the level of the slap stick humor you just cant help but laugh your head off, i really don't know why some people can find this film funny, because I've never laugh so hard in my life at an animated film, special even more so with the angry birds reference, it just a classic animated film that all the family will love, you just cant go wrong with this animated film chicken run was good, just turkeys do it better.

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 8 / 10

Chicken run with Turkeys, only the Turkeys are better.

Well it has been quite a while since I watched a movie that the whole family can watch, and enjoy. Most of the animated films of the last couple of years have been so totally dumbed down that they just don't have enough of that subtle stuff that keeps the adults amused as well. So this is a nice change, really. Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson do a great job pulling off a Turkey buddy movie with Time travel. I don't know how terribly racist some people might take this movie, and I really don't care all that much. There were no Turkeys at the first Thanksgiving, but that doesn't matter either. The point of the movie is finding a place that you belong, and to never give up trying. Nothing really much else. There are some good solid chuckles in here, and the animation is really good. This one will be on repeat in your home for a while if you have the young'nses running around. So yeah I Enjoyed this one more than I had expected, and am glad I accidentally hit play. ;) I recommend this to anyone who wants a movie that they can watch with the whole family. I'd call for pizza first though cause your gonna want some.

Reviewed by Wim Boeren ([email protected]) 8 / 10

very funny

I don't understand the hate for this movie: is was just plain fun. I don't know how this movie is offensive, probably because I'm not American, so I can't comment on that. First off all: don't look for a message in this movie. I keep reading, people saying there is a message. There is NO MESSAGE here. It's just fun. It's so bad it's good. The plot didn't make any sense and that's what was funny about it.

I'm very relieved to finally see an animated movie made just for fun and without feeling the need to add an unnecessary message or plot or emotional attachment. There was only one instance where they tried to get you emotionally involved, it didn't work but it didn't disturb me either.

Very refreshing and highly recommended during the holiday season!

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