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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krool1969 1 / 10

Massive hypocrisy

To be fair I turned this movie off almost at once. If you want to make a film about women's rights to be legally equal to men, and you title your film after a political movement to show breasts are not offensive, sexual or shameful you don't blur out the women's breasts. By doing so you are sending the exact opposite message. By blurring out the breasts this film is saying that they should stay covered because it might offend someone.

This film is a waste of time and money. It works in direct opposition to women's rights.

If you want to make a film like this you must have the courage to actually free the nipple. Otherwise, don't bother.

Reviewed by nvehlyn 1 / 10

Two problems

For a movie about female breasts, "Free the Nipple" has two major flaws: The first problem is that there is simply not enough screen time devoted to the Titular subject. I'd estimate that bare breasts are shown in less than half the screen time of this movie--a poor showing indeed. I've seen dozens of movies in which bare breasts are featured in 90 to 95 percent of the total running time. That's really the range you want to be shooting for to give female breasts the exposure they deserve. The second and more significant problem lies in the quality of female breasts cast in the film. There were a handful of worthy performances, but the majority of them were simply not up snuff. *Lina Esco's breasts turn in an excellent performance: round and perky, with just enough heft to bounce, but not enough to sag. *The second lead, Lola Kirke's breasts may have been technically larger as measured by cup size, but when viewed against her overlarge torso, they failed to produce the hour-glass shape necessary to please male viewers, who, in all fairness, likely make up at least half of the film's audience. *Pound-per-pound, Casey LaBow's breasts (full and symmetrical) give what is arguably the strongest performance in the film, but they are sadly underutilized. I can only recall three or four scenes in which they were featured, for a total screen time well under five minutes. Despite pretenses of progressive politics, this independent film hides and marginalizes African American breasts in the shameful tradition of mainstream Hollywood. Monique Coleman plays a substantial supporting role, but her breasts remain inexplicably hidden throughout the film, and undoubtedly would have added some much needed flavor to the mix. Two of the films' strongest portrayals come from an outstanding pair of African American breasts in the film's final montage sequence, but once again, their screen time is utterly brief and deserving of much broader coverage. This final scene does feature at least 20 different pairs of breasts in rapid succession, but the majority of these performances fall flat. Many are of the "pancake" or "banana" variety, and some even suffer from the unforgivable "lazy eye" syndrome. Perhaps most disturbing is the discriminatory casting the filmmakers seem to have practiced against breasts that have been augmented by surgical implants, which by all accounts make for the most satisfying and cinematic mammaries possible.

Reviewed by joe 2 / 10

Self indulgent garbage

The people exclaiming this was somehow about more than just the right to have bare breasts in public - where exactly was that in the plot? You, like the movie, are romanticizing and over thinking very petty things.

I think it's a great cause - women should definitely be allowed to walk around topless in any state of this nation. However, to say that they were somehow pushing for some grander agenda that went as far as being called a revolution? Come on. Their agenda didn't even register as a microscopic piece of dust on the radar of "revolution".

There wasn't much of a plot to this story, other than "let's get super insanely cool looking shots, mostly in slow-mo, of us girls looking insanely cool and counter-culture like", to that end, they did that in spades, and is the only reason I gave this film one more star than 1.

There is a tiny love story between the two protagonists, which never exactly reaches an arc, and is just forgotten about by the end of the film - there were too many shots of women looking empowered and cool in slow motion to be had, I guess.

The whole film is just a self indulgent "look how cool/edgy I am" montage, with barely any kind of a story behind it. Three of the main characters you sort of connect with, and the rest are almost non-existent.

The funniest part about the whole story, is that they never even achieved any of their goals, but the ending ends like they indeed created some sort of cultural revolution. No, you just wasted a bunch of money that was invested in you, by spray painting and stickering public property. No legislation was changed, no social movement started to gain momentum. If I had invested money in those girls, I would be pretty angry - just like whoever invested money in this worthless film.

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