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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kaloyan Vesselinov 2 / 10

2 hours of following a red car and praying to God to get them out of the mud...

I really don't see anything positive to say about this... It's boring all the way through, and if you try hard enough you can manage to miss half of the plot holes (at the end, how did they got out of the country without passports?). And the thing about "inspiring", well, it's not really "inspiring" to flee a country when you could have helped its inhabitants (or is religion only about words and not about what you do?). Sadly, this film insisted on the religion without really showing the life of Liberians during the civil war, and, at the end, this film is just a piece of religious propaganda. Still there were some decent landscapes, but nothing much to justify the time lost watching this film.

Reviewed by missczechrepublic 7 / 10

Non-dramatization of real people and a real life event

Before you watch this film you should put some things into perspective - it's a family friendly film about native LDS missionaries escaping a war zone. It's a true story about real people (all Liberians - this is not a story about Americans) and their experience so don't expect it to be a dramatized thriller or action movie. If you're looking for a movie to highlight the terror and horrors of a war in which 200,000 people were murdered and 850,000 fled the country- this isn't it ( one, this isn't what the film is about, two, this film takes place at the start of the war when the terror that was to come was still in its infancy and three, the violence is only hinted at I assume to keep the movie non-graphic).

Now that you have some perspective - I liked the movie. The movie is shot in Ghana and are primarily native actors. Great story, great soundtrack, great cinematography, beautiful landscape shots, and very authentic feel overall. I lived in Ghana on a Liberian refugee camp and this movie took me back there in every way. A lot of movies set in Africa either turn the African actors into pseudo Americans or the other extreme of turning them into American stereotypes of Africans. I was so pleased that this film tried to keep true to the people, culture, and overall setting. The characters were all very "normal" and fit pretty well into my experience with Liberians (and Ghanaians). Now some people will hate that and think this movie is boring because the actors and script don't have the typical Hollywood feel, but for me, it was really refreshing that they and their experience weren't over-dramatized. I would recommend this movie if nothing for the insight into what West Africa is like. This includes the characters overall emotional reactions - Americans culturally display emotions, Liberians not so much and the movie was true to that cultural difference. From the clothes to the personalities to the social interaction - again, this movie kept true to the region.

What I wish they had done better - there was no back story or any of the characters and as such made it hard to really connect with them. Familiar with the actual story, the movie did feel like it oversimplified things a bit (in reality they went through 50+ checkpoints). It was never really clear why they were leaving until they end when they clarify they hadn't been able to teach for six months. Once the rebels reached Monrovia, their choice was to either to end their missions and go back to their families in Liberia or they could continue their missions in Sierra Leone. I wish that had been explained better because, like other reviewers, it kind of felt in the beginning like they were just ditching out. The movie never really dug into their fears and worries about the situation- from not knowing what was happening to their families to seeing people killed to running out of food. Also the rebel church member was a bit weird without context. Because I'm familiar with the war, I know that, in a country mired in abject poverty, many joined the rebels because they had no other option. It was the only "job" they could get and only option for food and shelter. At the end, it's clear this guy wasn't aligned with the rebel ideals - I think the movie could have been better if they explored a little bit more how torn he was. Finally, there's a few gaps they could have filled in, namely how they ended up at the ferry in the first place and how they dealt with the passport issue. It's a true story and I know they got across, but that's a detail that would have been worth explaining.

All in all - if you're LDS you'll probably like this movie. If you're connected in any way to Africa, you'll probably like this movie. If you like stories about real-life events, you'll probably like this movie. If you're looking for an action-packed thriller or movie about the Civil Wars, you probably won't like this movie.

Reviewed by Nelson Ejene 1 / 10

The Worse Movie of all Time!

I downloaded this stupid "Khran" movie because i was deceived by the IMDb ratings. After spending 45 minutes watching this, I was speechless. How in the world can an individual who calls himself a producer make a movie like this? I have seen some awful movies but this movie is in another category of "Awful" all by itself.

A pieces of advise to anyone who is considering watching this, you're better off spending 2 hours standing by the highway and counting all the cars you can see than to sit down and spend money buying this or using data that can be used for something useful to download this movie.

The most awful movie i have ever seen. Ever!

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