Fresh Meat


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Temuera Morrison as Hemi Crane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 7 / 10

Needs a little more time editing, then this will be a good movie.

My aren't the Maori popular just now? Very funny film with a good solid cast of characters. Full of very dark humour, and a lot of good natured fun as well. What you get in the box: One Smokin' Aces/Domino style movie that turns into a blood fest in a house surrounded by completely incompetent police. There are really 2 separate movies here that were stitched together imperfectly, but the final result (though similar in appearance to Leatherface's mask) is a funny unique story that you will most likely enjoy. There are some deaths that make no sense though so you just have to take it at that. Enjoy because it is a bright clean and welcoming horror, and there are no dark spaces. We need more of that, real horror is a lot cleaner than the stuff we are always seeing.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Eat it

There are so many jokes to be made with that title, that I'm sure you'll think of some pretty good ones yourself. And as the title suggest, you will be in the loop before one of our main characters is. So the viewer is ahead on a few things (also the "arriving"/"clash" is something you'll be expecting too), that the characters aren't.

The movie will not be everyones taste (no other way to put that), but it is funny. Does it have flaws? Of course it has. But you would do the movie unjust to critique it because of it and you would hurt your own movie viewing experience by being to observing of those mistakes and flaws. Try to enjoy a fun little movie with a wicked sense of humor

Reviewed by peter07 7 / 10

A mildly entertaining comedy

I saw this at Pifan 2013 in South Korea, and well, I wasn't expecting a horror comedy but got one. There were funny moments in the movie but well, the gore wasn't necessary.

I also wanted to see the actor T. Morrison but this was far from his finest hour. This film is basically a mix of gore, sex and a series of one-liners and while I didn't regret seeing this, I'm not sure I can recommend it.

I gave it seven out of ten points because there were entertaining moments, but I sure hope Morrison gets better roles to befit his acting talents.

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