Friday the 13th: A New Beginning


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brandon lee ( no joke!!!) 9 / 10

What is so bad about this film???

Friday the 13th is the best film of the series by far. But then when it comes to a choice of the best sequel, I say that Friday the 13th part 5 is the joint best sequel of the series.Part 4 the so called final chapter is equally as good.

I take a look at other peoples comments about this film and it seems to me that I am one of the only people who likes this film.

It has everything that the other sequels failed to capture. It had real suspense, as to who the killer was, I mean we all know it was not Jason, he "was" dead.

It had a lot of different death scenes,and it was all in all a good film. it had the 3 rules for making a successful sequel..... 1)Body count is always bigger 2)The death scenes are more elaborate 3) Never ever ......... oh sorry back to the comments .....Thinking about it, the ending was kind of like a Scooby Doo ending, as to why he did it.

The man responsible had a perfectly simple and plain motive, revenge.I`m not going to say what he wanted revenge for or who he was not it was simple.

I kind of figured it out that the killer was not Jason, when he gets hurt by many objects you can hear him moan in pain, Jason is a member of the Living Dead Club, which means he is the living dead. And he don`t really feel pain.

Tommy Jarvis returns in the film.Corey Feldman is also in it as well, but he has a sort of cameo role. I do not understand why Tommy is in a mental Institute, I mean he is still freaked out by the murder of his mother and friends at the hands of Jason Voorhees.

So if you want to find out who killer is and why he did it, then rent out this film or if you`re a horror fan like me, buy it and add it to your horror collection.

I give this movie a 8 out of 10.Because of the Crazy "new beginning". well it has not really got a new beginning but it is a Pun ........get it????

Do Not worry.

Reviewed by scott_beowulf 10 / 10

One Of The Best Slashers Ever

The status of Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning as the least popular film in the series has always frustrated and perplexed me. Masterfully directed by Danny Steinmann, it is a supremely entertaining exploitation slasher film. The most common reasons given seem to be: (a) there's not enough gore (b) the story is stupid/the acting isn't very good (c) Jason isn't in the movie. Of course, none of these explanations is valid. First of all, if gore alone is your litmus test to determine whether or not a film is enjoyable, you should probably steer clear of the entire Friday The 13th series, as well as any movie that has been subjected to the wacky ratings system and experienced a wide theatrical release. Go watch… I don't know… a Guinea Pig film. A New Beginning has as much gore as any of the Friday films. If a strong plot and acting of the highest caliber is important to you… well, let's be honest, criticizing A New Beginning for its silly plot is like dismissing Van Gogh because you don't like the color yellow. You're missing the point. Yes, I sort of understand the complaint that Jason isn't in the movie, as he is my favorite of the classic maniacs. (Cropsy, Marty, Michael Meyers, and Angela round out the top five.) But his absence alone shouldn't ruin the whole movie for you. I'd rather watch an entertaining movie that alludes to, yet doesn't feature the actual Jason, as opposed to a boring movie that completely screws up his mythology. (Here's a clue. It comes after VIII and before X.)

Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning works because it takes the elements that make a good slasher film and completely exaggerates them. All irony aside, A New Beginning is a trashy, sleazy, exploitative masterpiece. The very premise of having "Jason" hack up a group of mentally-ill teens, which includes two nymphomaniacs, an angry sociopath, a chocolate loving man child, a new-wave goth who likes to dance, and a stutterer, is indicative of the sick-minded, oozy greatness of this movie. Jesus, I haven't even touched upon the mother-son hillbilly biker duo or Demon! This movie has more great characters than the entire Halloween series combined! Are you not entertained by Demon in his "sh*tbox" singing "Oooh, Oooh, Baby…. Oooh, Oooh, Baby" to his sexy girlfriend before being impaled? How could this be? Are you made of stone? Are you? Do you not enjoy watching Violet, who is the most uniquely attractive female in the entire Friday series, do the robot to Pseudo Echo before being killed? I love her with all my heart. What about Ethel and Junior, the most vile, hate-filled, "loony" hating hicks to ever interact with a stained voyeur-drifter? Junior's decapitation, after being pummeled by Tommy following a prank which consisted of shining a light in his eyes, is a fitting end for the angry dullard. Oh, and Vic? The greatest red herring in slasher history. He violently kills Joey after the overweight stereotype accuses him of being "out of line." Harsh words from a strange man!

The number of kills in this movie dwarf the previous Friday record. (Subsequent sequels had more, but, with the exception of Jason X… another unjustly maligned classic… not by much.) The fact that most of these kills are peripheral to the story, unnecessary, and hilarious only adds to their quality. Case in point, the hideously obnoxious, cocaine-addicted mental health worker Billy who picks up Lana the waitress at the diner. She who proceeds to get naked while saying "It's showtime!" to herself in the mirror. You don't see the entertainment value in that, my friends? Following this odd display, a cat bafflingly drops from above and bounces clumsily and hard off a booth. It was a cheap shock and laugh at the same time! Shortly thereafter, Billy and Lana are both killed with enough blood to make it all worthwhile. That entire scene is mesmerizing. And let's not forget the two jerks with the broken down car who appear earlier in the film. They're greasers! Greasers!

I watch slasher films not for genuine scares or insightful twists, but to be entertained. And I am usually entertained by their exploitative depths, bloody action, nudity, uniquely stupid characters, and the basest nihilism of it all. I simply cannot see how anyone could argue A New Beginning doesn't contain every single one of these qualities in excess. It's a sleazy, vicious, offensive slasher that epitomizes everything that makes the genre popular. The time has come to re-evaluate this amazing film and give Steinmann the credit he deserves.

Reviewed by unkle_nasty_fingers 6 / 10

Ooooh baby! Ooh Baby!

This is the best Jason to watch drunk, it's almost like a Friday the 13th blooper reel. I love the singing on the crapper part, the mod chick doing the robot, the "just wanna earn a meal" guy, Crazy Ethel and Junior, Billy and Llana, that kid from Diff'rent Strokes, the stupid arse ending, and the excessive nudity.

It's a time capsule of sorts, it captures all the bad 80's slasher films in a hour and a half. Bad acting? GOT IT! Ridiculous costumes? GOT IT! Lot's of big haired women topless? GOT IT! No name stars obviously coked out of they're mind? OH THIS MOVIE HAS GOT PLENTY OF THAT! Watch it and laugh, preferably with some friends

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