Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
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Tony Goldwyn as David
Corey Feldman as Young Tommy Jarvis
Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
Terry Kiser as Dr. Crews
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris Gottschalk 7 / 10

Has some ideas, but the film in a hole doesn't work.

Often considered to be "Carrie vs. Jason", Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood may very well be considered one of the most popular in the series. It is however, looked down upon by hardcore fans of the series, and I can somewhat see why.

A New Blood introduced an extremely cheesy supernatural aspect behind the main heroine character. This can be looked at through several different view points; while one person can see this as an opportunity to develop a character, another person would see this as a cheap way to kill of Jason. I personally think that this supernatural "Carrie" element added onto the main character, which is a good idea considering that sympathetic characters have never been Friday the 13th's positive points.

Another factor of the movie that is commonly looked down on is the fact that this movie is virtually lacking in any gore at all. A New Blood was attacked by the censor boards more than any other film in the entire series, which was the films biggest downfall. Almost all the gore in this movie was taken out. Not only does this take away from the film, but it just makes the viewer feel sad and annoyed that the great gore effects that where there before have been taken away. No uncut copy of A New Blood ever has (or will) be released.

Overall, this movie had some interesting ideas when it comes to character development and storyline, but overall, it is nothing but Part 6 done over again. It is recommended, but I doubt anybody who can be considered die hard fans would think much of it.

A pretty mediocre edition into the series.


Reviewed by Nick Kennedy 10 / 10

the goreiest, if the MPAA didn't cut out the goods

This is my favourite Friday the 13th in the series. It is definitely the goreiest, well would've been if the MPAA didn't edit out the good gore content. Apart from that, a really good slasher. Jason looks his best in the film, and no wonder he has the taste for blood. A solid story, with good plot and the stupidest ending, the original ending was cut because it was too similar to part one and three, another ending I saw was Tina's dad, more rotted, that shouldve been the ending, because you can see he was in the lake more, then just a lil bit of mud on his face. but it was funny. Another funny thing is seeing Terry Kiser (Burnie) at a cabin at a lake, you could say another Weekend at Burnies, when he dies once, but isn't seen walking around and thought not to be dead, we have Jason doing that, walking, stop, tilting head, kill, walk, stop, hide, kill. That is all that is needed in a slasher, and some girls running around topless screaming for help. If you want to survive, don't scream, don't have sex, get drunk and do drugs, run to your car and drive away, but be careful, Jason might be behind or in your car.

Reviewed by au_law2001 5 / 10

Okay, this is where things began to get weird.

Another Jason movie, ah yes,takes place years after Tommy Jarvis, and it seems like he's gone, guess again, a girl with telekinetic powers tries to get her dad back, but because she wasn't aware of her power, and didn't know how to control it properly, she accidentally brings Jason back, and oh no he's at it again. Well there's something you don't get everyday, man. Why did they put someone like that in? Someone who is like Carrie, please, Jason does typical murders, while she figures out how to control her powers, and tries to find out who is this Jsaon person. And the way she fights him is kind of pathetic, she just throws stuff at him and rips off his mask, can't she do something better, like smash him or send him flying to space? But then again that would be too weird, and it wasn't that exciting either. But I'll stop there. It did have everything else you'd expect in a slasher film, but I wish they could have done something else instead of a telekinetic person. Watch it if you're into it, or if you would still watch it even though it's like that.

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