Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan


Action / Adventure / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
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Kelly Hu as Eva Watanabe
Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
Martin Cummins as Wayne Webber
Ken Kirzinger as New York Cook
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hmmdrmike 8 / 10


I think Jason fans boil down into two categories - the ones that watch for actual horror and the ones that watch for unintentional humor and shock value.

For the former group - this movie is worthless. The change of scenery from the dark, foreboding woods of Camp Crystal Lake to a luxury cruise liner completely ruins Jason's mystique. Jason is a killer made for stalking around the ominous woods, not sauntering through hallways and crosswalks. The kills are numerous and bloody... but don't compare to some of the other installments. Overall, this movie is simply not very scary.

For the latter group however, this movie is a gem. Packed full of stereotypes and inexplicably idiotic characters, you can't help but laugh as each one is picked off, Jason-style. With Asian valedictorians, black athletes, and white party girls, the lack of effort that the writers put into the film is clearly evident. It's almost as if the writers got together and tried to figure out how to fit the maximum amount of gratuitous violence and nudity into an hour and a half movie... sheer brilliance.

For me? 8/10, one of the best comedies I've seen in a while.

Reviewed by TitusYorick 1 / 10

The 2nd Worse Friday the 13th Ever Made

I've seen my share of bad movies in my life, mostly from being such a big fan of MST3K for so long. But this movie really takes the cake. It is without a doubt the worst Friday the 13th, second only to Part V: A New Beginning. Not even the presence of the (somewhat) well-known Peter Mark Richman and the now-famous Jason himself, Kane Hodder, could make this film make any sense.

The movie is flawed in many ways, one of the biggest of which involves Rennie Wickham's constant visions of Jason Voorhees as a young child. Often times she is touched by these visions and yet Jason is either with her at the time or is near her, which makes someone want to ask "What is going on in this girl's head?". The visions may have been caused by deep psychological trauma suffered from the events of the flashback seen towards the end where she almost drowns and encounters Jason as a young child. But that flashback is a primary example of how flawed this movie is in terms of the continuity of the series. It is determined in Part 2 that Jason did, in fact, not drown as a child but survived and spent the rest of his childhood in the woods, which eventually leads to him being the fully grown undead serial killer the fans have grown to love.

Another major flaw is the ending, in which Jason is drowned in toxic waste. However, seconds before being doused with said chemicals, water shoots out of his mouth almost for no apparent reason. It may have been the intention of the writers to do this to remind the viewers that it would be the second time Jason has drowned in his life, but I highly doubt it. And then the end after Jason is killed, the audience is shown the body of a young boy, which is no doubt Jason Voorhees. This ending would indicate that Jason was always a boy but . . . something, maybe being reborn with a body of swamp algae and barnacles that the toxic waste disintegrated? Highly unlikely once again.

And of course, there is the flaw of Jason's apparent ability to change places at the blink of an eye, in which he is seen in one place for one moment and then seems to move with lightning fast stealth in front of the characters almost like Freddy Krueger. How is it that someone in reality who walks slower than Michael Myers can move so quickly off camera, especially if he never seemed to be this quick in the previous movies? The only time we see Jason take a shortcut to get to his destination faster is towards the end when he's chasing Sean Robertson and Rennie Wickham through the tunnels.

All of these flaws are the faults of the writers, all of whom may need to reconsider their paths and/or hire their own editors.

Reviewed by laguna6394 1 / 10

And I thought Jason X was going to the worst.... (Spoilers)

My friend and I rented two movies, knowing that they were going to be bad; Jason X, and this, Friday the 13th 8. We watched Jason X first, and both agreed that it was pretty bad. And then we watched this..... Oh god this was horrible. To start, the concept is stupid, Jason going to Manhattan. Cities in New York are really over used in movies, no matter how good the movie may be. In the flashback at the beginning, of young Jason drowning, they COMPLETELY screwed up what his appearance is supposed to be. Jason was supposed to look like a bald, deformed child. In this, he has plenty of hair, and he looks like a normal little boy. Another thing, I do believe Jason SWIMS to that cruise thats headed towards Manhattan (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Everyone who knows enough about Jason Voorhees and the Friday series should know that he can't swim, and that he's afraid of water. And even if I am wrong about that, why would they make him be on a boat, surrounded by water? And one incredibly stupid is when Jason is chasing those two people IN FRONT OF HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE, Jason scares those kids by lifting up his mask. And finally, the final scene in the sewer, Jason's hockey mask comes off, and you get to see his face. AND THEY SCREW THAT UP TOO. Again, Jason is supposed to look deformed. In this, they make him look like a zombie in those cliché' zombie movies. I could go on all day about how bad this movie is. Don't rent it. I seriously regret renting it, even if you want to rent a bad movie to get a laugh about it. This is a horrible movie, and I'm never watching it again. The end.

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