Fright Night


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Christopher Lee as Dracula
Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandrige
Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent
William Ragsdale as Charley Brewster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anasuya 10 / 10

I watched it 5 times in one week

I would consider myself a film fan with somewhat intellectual preferences and I have a passion for European art house pretentious stuff, so when Fright Night was recommended to me I dismissed it in a snobby "80s special effects vampire horror movie? A title that rhymes? No, thank you!" kind of way.

HOWEVER, I have a feeling it may be the single best film I have ever seen, of any genre or time period. It has a witty script, fabulous special effects and some of the best acting I have seen, particularly Evil Ed later on in the film. There are moments of suspense, hilarity, tenderness (for example with Peter Vincent and the dying wolf) and believable every day life. This film didn't actually scare me but it did make me laugh very very hard.

A special mention must be made of Chris Sarandon as I think his performance really stood out. Evil is not as easy to portray in stories as people think, but Sarandon does the most believable evilness I think I have ever seen, coupled irresistibly with the sexiest seduction scene ever (is it wrong that I wanted him to win in the end because he was so gorgeous?). If vampires really did exist, I think they would be exactly like Jerry Dandridge, except maybe without the same scary 80s vampire mask and claws.

My advice is SEE THIS FILM, and don't have any preconceptions about it.

Reviewed by insomniac_rod 8 / 10

There's something about FRIGHT NIGHT that everybody seems to love.

Is it the 80's cheesiness (fashion, clichés, music)? It's impressive F/X? The story? Who knows. Time made justice to "Fright Night", one of the best vampire movies ever and probably the best of the 80's. When it came out in 1985 the Slasher genre was on it's highest peak and as Peter Vincent said to Charlie, "his generation prefers movies where a masked looney kills virgin innocents" (or something like that). When nobody cared about Vampires "Fright Night" came out with a tremendous potential on it's story, actors, and make up; the basic elements that a Slasher movie needs. The result is an entertaining, chilling, and very well done horror movie better than expected.

*SPOILERS* Charlie Brewster an average boy finds out that his neighbor is a vampire. He has doubts until Jerry Dandridge his vampire neighbor appears on his bedroom and threatens him to death. Nobody believes Charlie and after a series of events not only his life is in danger but also his girlfriend's. Charlie finds in Peter Vincent, t.v.'s popular "Vampire Killer" character his only hope to save his girlfriend. In order to accomplish what he wants, Charlie and Peter Vincent will face the deadly Jerry Dandridge, his guardian Billy Cole, and their attacks.

ACTING. You can't go wrong when a great actor like Mr. Chris Sarandon carries the entire movie on his back with his performance. His character, Jerry Dandridge completely steals the show. Sarandon made the character. Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent is a pleasure to watch. His character has an admirable quick evolution in the movie. First he's the vampire killer t.v. character that after meeting a REAL vampire knows what fear is like. Then after dealing with fear, he recovers faith and that makes him stronger in every aspect. William Ragsdale is good as Charlie Brewster, the teen main character in the movie. The boy that discovers that his neighbor is a real vampire but nobody believes him. Good character. Special mention to Stephen Geoffreys as Evil Ed for being one of the weirdest but likable characters ever to appear in a horror movie. His performance is truly evil and humorist. A nice touch. Amanda Bearse (from Married with Children fame) is also a good addition to the cast, she delivers an o.k. performance. Jonathan Stark as Billie Cole, Jerry's guardian, delivers a solid performance. This is one of the best casts that you can get from an 80's horror movie.

DIRECTION. The 80's craziness was never this creepy. Tom Holland makes a terrific job this time. This man is behind key horror movies from the 80's like "Child's Play" and the surprisingly good "Psycho II" among others. His camera work in "Fright Night" is great. He knew how to combine perfectly the 80's feeling (something that nobody has ever described for it's madness) with the Vampire movies basic rules.

The idea of watching a Vampire movie from the 80's could make you think the worst but luckily it's a great idea. Excellent job Mr. Holland.

F/X/SCORE/CINEMATOGRAPHY. The f/x and make-up are very ahead of it's time. You can't get better gore effects! The scene of Evil Ed's death (when he's a werewolf) is amazing. On it's time I'm sure that it shocked more than once. Also, Billy Cole's death and the ending are great scenes that will please the horror audience's eyes. Great use of gore and f/x. Enough said. The score is great. The 80's pop metal and club music fits perfect with the feeling of the movie. The club scene is something you haven't seen. In the tense and thrilling scenes the music works perfect. The cinematography is pretty good. The use of lightning on dark settings is very good. Watch the DVD version for a different experience. I love the lines from the movie. I can assure that "Fright Night" is something you haven't seen. Don't get fooled by the 80's big hair, laughable fashion, and clichés. The movie stands alone. Be prepared for a real FRIGHT NIGHT!

Reviewed by marydrippingblood ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Welcome to Fright Night!

I will start off by saying that I am a gigantic fan of Fright Night. It all started when the film made its premiere on HBO. The one part that stuck in my head (besides Sarandon's looks) was "Evil Ed's" transformation from wolf to human. Scared the crap out of me. Well, a couple years later, hitting sixth grade, I found the video at a video store and fell in love with it all over again. A friend and I began huge fans, buying Fangoria magazines and collecting the comic series. I remembering making my parents rent the movie for me so I could watch from evening till seven in the morning! Phew!

Now, some girls would have crushes on things like, New Kids On the Block. Not me! I was infatuated with Chris Sarandon's seductive performance as Jerry Dandridge. Hey, any woman would be nuts not to find this man hot. Definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He could of bit me in a neck and I would of never cared.

As I am at the age of 27, I still have my first and only copy of the film that was boughten for me on my 12th birthday, a tad worn but still plays. I have more of a appreciation for the movie. For all the actors and actresses.

I have the movie memorized, word for ward, even if I go like a year without watching it again. But recently I began to realize that the 20th anniversary for this great horror classic is coming around the bend. I had started a script myself, which I know will fail to be noticed, for such a special occasion. Bringing back all the characters from part one and two, except Peter Vicent since no one but Roddy MacDowall could do the part.

I just want everyone to know that Fright Night is the definition of the perfect eighties Horror film. It is original with it's characters, setting, and the all around story itself. But it also shows the hard work that had gone into it to create those undoubtedly, scarier then crap Dandridge, Evil, Amy, and Billy Coal transformations. Chris Sarandon himself stated it was hell to do the make up for the movie but his character was worth it. I would rather see a film with special make up effects then with the modern computer animation special effects. More work and artistic, hands on talent went into movies like Fright Night. That's why Fright Night stands out as a eighties classic vampire flick.

I personally would like to thank all the actors for the gift of entertainment when making the film. Also the brilliant minds and talented men and women who worked on the film. Fright Night is a movie that has fond memories for me in my child hood. Chris Sarandon will always be my first movie star crush. Dang, he is still hot today! I can't help but still imagine Jerry Dandridge as my perfect, eye candy neighbor.

I would recommend anyone to view this movie. Appreciate it as a art form of entertainment with the taste of horror mixed in there. Enjoy it and love it!

One final statement.....


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