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Kevin Zegers as Dan Walker
Shawn Ashmore as Joe Lynch
Emma Bell as Parker O'Neil
Rileah Vanderbilt as Shannon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mickeybitsko 1 / 10

Unintentional comedy

I spent a dollar and this at Redbox and I feel violated. This movie wouldn't make it as a circa 1970s made-for-television flick. If you dropped your glove in freezing temperatures wouldn't you put your hand in your pocket or something? Wouldn't it occur to at least 1 out of the 3 people to ZIP UP THEIR COAT all the way? Wouldn't any skier with even one run's worth of experience know that your feet freeze if you let them dangle off the chair lift for more than a few minutes? Wouldn't common sense dictate that you wrap your legs around the cable and slide down "commando style" instead of hanging your full weight from your frozen fingers? (I speak from experience here.) Couldn't they actually check to see if there are wolves in New England before writing them into the script? Why would the cable cut the guy's hands to ribbons? (They're maintained very carefully and kept greased. They are not "sharp.") What are the odds they'd get stuck on the ONE chair with a loose bolt? Why was the ski resort closed all week when the next day's weather was perfect? This movie was written by people who have never been skiing, have no understanding of how chair lifts are constructed, couldn't be bothered to learn where wolves live and where they don't....what an embarrassment. And somebody thought this was a good enough idea that they ponied up several million dollars to make it. At least I'm only out a buck. It could be worse.

Reviewed by lahna_may 8 / 10

A chilling film ;p

Okay so this was a great movie, but i never want to watch it again.


You get so involved with their situation and you're sucked into it, you feel their pain and horror. Ir leaves you feeling unsettled. A lot like 'Buried' did if you have seen that film.

95% of the film is set in the same location but this doesn't mean it is boring at all. Absolutely not.

So be prepared for an unsettling experience if you choose to watch this film.

By no means is it bad though, it just motivates powerful feelings.

Reviewed by mdnobles19 7 / 10

Top-notch survival horror

I'm not jumping up and down for this one but I thought it was a very well done survival/thriller that had some shocking, gruesome scenes as well as some thrills and definitely chills. The acting was pretty decent but the stand out here is newcomer Emma Bell who gave an heartbreaking performance as one of the stranded skiers on a ski lift, man I felt all of her pain. I thought the director did a great job using different techniques with the camera and used his one location effectively that makes you think and feel that you're right there with them on that ski lift, the thought just terrifies me but doesn't make me fear going skiing just makes me think twice about going on a ski lift. I think it's a tad overrated saying it does for skiing what Jaws did for swimming, not really and to be honest it's more Open Water than Jaws just with more action and a different situation, sorry it just didn't put the fear in me, it just had me feeling sorry for them and rooting for them than actually being scared. It will have you thinking throughout questioning what would you do in that situation, what lengths would you go in order to survive and some of it to me wasn't plausible while other scenes were very realistic and will have you on the edge of your seat. What makes this so special is the fact that they took a simple idea and went to great lengths to make it powerful and had three leads that could be anyone's friend, sister, brother, lover and it makes you feel for them even more and makes the whole situation more unsettling and shattering with some scenes that will make you a little teary eyed, good effort. This film actually has a heart and is refreshing from most horror offerings lately but it's more of a drama/thriller and I can't wait to see what director Adam Green has up his sleeve next! Overall it could of had a slightly better conclusion and I don't think it's going to be the best genre flick of the year because I just don't see that happening but if you want to see something different, new and bone chilling go support Adam Green's latest effort Frozen, though more of a renter on a snowy night to me. Recommended!

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