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Brian Dennehy as Leo McCarthy
Kevin J. O'Connor as Matt Neely
Rachel Ticotin as Kim Brandon
Joanna Gleason as Liz Kennedy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by preppy-3 7 / 10

Pretty good for a sequel--but don't look at it TOO closely

Retired special effects man Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown) agrees to help trap a killer for the NYPD. The killer is caught and shot dead but a policeman also is killed. The police believe the killer was the one who did it--but Rollie was watching it on a hidden camera and caught someone else doing it. It eventually leads to hired killers going after Rollie and his girlfriend...so Rollie asks old pal Leo McCarthy (Brian Dennehy) for help.

Long delayed (5 YEARS!) sequel to "F/X" was basically ignored when it came out...but it's not bad. The story is a little needlessly convoluted but I was never bored. There are multiple twists and turns...especially at the end that caught me off guard. The action sequences are long, exciting and LOTS of fun (one with a clown was so out there it was almost surreal!). There is also some welcome humor that's actually funny (courtesy of Dennehy). However this movie has problems. The basic plot makes little sense--Brown would agree to help the cops again after what happened in the first picture? And, in a particularly stupid scene, Brown and Dennehy have a killer trapped under a truck...and drive away and let him go! Also there's a mean streak in here with some pretty bloody killings with sympathetic characters being killed and a kid and his mom being threatened at gunpoint. Still, if you ignore these lapses, this is a fun movie worth catching.

Reviewed by blanche-2 7 / 10

Almost as good as the first.

Special effects genius Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown) is lured back into the world of creating illusion in "F/X2" also starring Brian Dennehy and Rachel Ticotin. It's five years since Rollie quit the film business; now he's a toy-maker with a new girlfriend, Kim (Ticotin). When Kim's ex-husband, Mike (Tom Mason), a police officer, asks for Rollie's help in catching a killer, he reluctantly agrees. Through no fault of Rollie's, Mike ends up dead and Rollie has the proof that Mike was set up. This puts Rollie in danger - deja vu. He makes a desperate call to Leo, and the two team up again.

This time around, the plot is a somewhat far-fetched, the emphasis being more on action. There are some very exciting scenes as well as some ingenious toys, including a toy clown that figures prominently in the plot. Brown and Dennehy have incredible chemistry. They're a joy to watch. My old classmate, Josie DeGuzman (here spelled Josie) is back as Leo's secret weapon in the department. Being predominantly a theater actress, her performance is somewhat stagy but she's no less likable. Joanna Gleason plays an assistant DA.

Clever effects, the great re-teaming of Brown and Dennehy, and very entertaining.

Reviewed by classicalsteve 7 / 10

Entertaining but Typical 1980's-type Action Thriller that Had Greater Potential

The glaring shortcoming of F/X 2 is that the main thrust of the plot, i.e. the what and why of the baddies, is not revealed until an hour or so into the film. At 109 minutes, that's well over half-way. Certainly the point was to pop our main character, Rollie Tyler (reprised by Bryan Brown from the first movie), into a life and death situation beyond his comprehension, and not until several clues are followed revealed that he (and we) find out what these circumstances are.

Briefly, Rollie, the Australian special effects wizard, is hired again by the FBI to aid in cornering a serial killer. However, the plan goes awry when the FBI man who was supposed to stop the suspect in his tracks is killed by another unknown killer. Rollie finds himself also caught in a web of intrigue. And of course, when he is on the verge of getting snuffed out, Dennehy as Leo McCarthy pops in to save his ass. Not a bad opening, all things considered.

Finally, Leo uncovers the back story, which I won't reveal, lest I be accused of "giving it away" as they say. However, the back story is described almost offhandedly, without even a flashback. Unfortunately, the downside is that, with very little screen time left, neither the history of what's behind the bad guys' motivations nor the bad guys themselves are ever fully developed. I found myself wanting to know more about the circumstances surrounding this back story, the what and the why. Of course, with these kinds of movies, a lot of screen time must be devoted to the baddies chasing the innocent by-standers in shopping malls or in car chases. I guess it's a Hollywood law that American filmmakers must devote a specified minimum amount of time to choreographed running around and shooting so they can legitimately call their project an "action movie".

Still the film has its entertainment value. There is a strange chemistry that exists between Brian Dennehy (reprising his role has Leo McCarthy) and Bryan Brown, and again I wish that had been milked for all its worth. Of course, the most entertaining sequence, like the first installment, is the use of movie effects to thwart the bad guys, which works very well. Maybe I appreciated it as a breath of fresh air from the typical cat and mouse chase with automatic weapons that typically climaxes most of these kinds of films.

Still very much in the style of a 1980's action movie, although this was 1991, with the typical rock songs spliced in for good measure. With the exception of the use of the special effects against the baddies at the finale, story-wise it is really the equivalent of a two-part episode of "Simon and Simon" with a larger budget.

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