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Brian Dennehy as Leo McCarthy
Kevin J. O'Connor as Matt Neely
Rachel Ticotin as Kim Brandon
Joanna Gleason as Liz Kennedy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 5 / 10

a surprisingly-good sequel

The original F/X was a moderately successful movie. It certainly wasn't anything great but it did have unmistakable quirkiness in regards to how it approached the action genre. This sequel took five years to follow it, which does seem quite slow by the standards of the day. It teamed up the duo of Bryan Brown and Brian Dennehy again, the former playing the lead character, special effects artist Rollie Tyler.

The film opens once again with another amusing opening that turns out to be a film-within-a-film, featuring a transvestite alien lunatic. The story kicks into gear when Rollie's police detective friend is killed on a sting he was roped into. He has evidence of foul play though, so he joins forces with his private investigator buddy to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. Truthfully, the story is not very good and ultimately is only there to serve as a means to connect various action and jovial banter scenes together. In fairness, like the first movie, there are some entertainingly different action scenes to enjoy. Especially good was the robot clown fight, which was a refreshingly different way to approach an action movie punch up; also amusing was the shop sequence where the bad guy is finally dispatched when he has his head mechanically cellophaned like a supermarket chicken! But all-in-all, irrespective of these occasional original moments, F/X 2: The Deadly Art of Illusion is nothing to get too excited about. It's a passably entertaining action flick and no more really.

Reviewed by kjruk 5 / 10

Disappointing sequel

You can only appreciate this sequel if you saw the first one as there are so many references to it. Whereas the first one was quirky, original and well produced this one isn't. It's just OK.

There are too many silly behaviours and plot holes to mention like leaving the killer to get up and walk away for no good reason when they could easily have got him. Plus its full of the usual clichés. The two actors are wasted in a film with much lower production costs. It looks and feels a bit cheap. Even the so called special effects aren't up to much.

The actors work well together but I think Dennehy is the one that adds character and depth and saves the film.

So all in all a disappointment. I'll be watching the first one again sometime but not this one.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

Plot kinda zigs and Zags but its still fun...

Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown) is no longer in the movies. He's now a toymaker with a girlfriend named Kim Brandon (Rachel Ticotin). Her ex-husband NYPD detective Mike Brandon asks him to use his skills to help catch a killer. As the other cops go off to take down the suspect, a mysterious assassin kills Mike. Rollie records Lt. Ray Silak tampering with the murder weapon. The assassin tracks down Rollie and Leo McCarthy (Brian Dennehy) saves him in the nick of time.

The most memorable thing in this movie is Rollie's man-size mechanical clown with a control bodysuit. It's a double-edge sword. It's fun at first but Rollie looks sillier and sillier with the control suit. In fact, a lot of this movie is pretty silly. A lot of the traps are reminiscent of "Home Alone" with chemicals and bigger tech.

Along with all the gadgetry, one of the things that Rollie is known for is his avoidance of guns. He's a MacGyver in that way. However this can go too far. In one scene, he grabs the assassin's gun in the aquarium while he's being drowned. Then for some reason he leaves it behind for the assassin to pick up and shoot at him. It's annoying when smart characters do stupid things. This is simply inferior to the original. It's not as much fun. It is sillier and not as compelling. It's not terrible but it's not good.

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