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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WCA_goes_to_Edinbruuuh 3 / 10

A hot looking mess

The visuals aren't too bad, it's got some nice-looking desert scenes and Wesley Snipes looks pretty bad ass in dreads and a cowboy-hat.

But and that's a big but (and not the ones Sir Mix A lot talked about that are good) the plot is just a straight up mess.

This movie was recorded based on IMDb's info in 2006 while he got arrested for tax-fraud, so I imagine that that put a major halt on the movie and also that major changes had to be done.

I suspect that the main idea was to have Wesley Snipes as the lead, while he sort of is, he's not in half the scenes of the movie, unfortunately cause Snipes is the only thing this movie has got going for it.

So I imagine that they had to rewrite the main bad guys scene and make him a much bigger role, at least I hope so I'd like to think that this crew could do better than this.

Anyways, I don't really understand the bad guy nor exactly what it is he's trying to do nor why, he's angry gotcha but still most the things he does does not involve Snipes at all, perhaps he's just a devious bloke who likes to do devious things? And what's up with the followers all having long blonde hair? And what's up with the bad guy with a bucket on his head? Or the guy with too lizard-tails in the back of his head? Or that guy who's head like like a sack of potatoes? Yeah I don't think we'll ever know the answer to these questions, and tbh we don't need to.

I hoped this would be sort of Blade in the wild west fighting Zombies as I LOVE the Blade-franchise (even Trinity, preferably the extended version with different ending though).

But it's really not, it's more the ridiculousness of the bad guys in Ghost Rider and uhm I don't know tbh it's just a movie that seemingly doesn't go anywhere half the time.

Oh and I wouldn't call the dead guys returning Zombies either I don't know what they are but they are not Zombies.

Do yourself a favor and skip this movie.

Reviewed by biatch0 1 / 10

Don't even bother...

I decided to give this flick a shot based on the "decent" looking trailer and Wesley Snipes. This isn't the first time I've been fooled by a decent trailer, and I'm sure it isn't the last. That being said, this is my attempt at not letting anyone else get fooled by the decent trailer and the fact that Wesley Snipes is in it.

The story is absolute garbage. The cast is terrible. Dialogue is corny. The only saving graces for this movie are corsets and cleavage. If Wesley Snipes wasn't in this movie, I'd assume this was a F-grade (if that even exists) movie. Because Snipes is in it, I kindly give it an E-grade.

In a nutshell, I have no idea how this movie even got greenlit and I pray that nobody else wastes their time on this steaming pile of crap.

Reviewed by All_Seeing_Fly 2 / 10

Trying to be a cool graphic novel style, but failing to be comprehensive film.

It seemed like they weren't really sure what it was.

Some things that may make you LOL in this dire bore-fest:

I laughed so hard when that well bucket was just sat on ground level, and when he dropped it back in the well, it sounded like it fell on to some metal on the ground! Really, really atrocious filming in that scene. Were they all high or something when making this?

The 'bad' guy doing a 'muhahahahaaa' on the gallows scene was just hilarious.

And what was with that cave thing about, holy crap! Was the entire scene just removed?

The actors delivered the tired script straight and awkwardly like some kind of cheap SciFi channel TV movie. They all appeared somewhat self aware and miserable. Cringe making at times, Snipes does his best not to laugh in places it feels, although he's good at the Blade poses as usual.

And don't me started on the music, trying to be all Spaghetti Western from the 1960's, but cheesing it up really badly in places. But to be honest the music was the best thing about the film! Which says a lot.

It has decent gore effects, surprisingly, and I guess it was memorable for some reason, perhaps all the bad wigs and head pieces made it memorable. Not in a good way though.

I honestly felt sorry for the editor of this, but it got into such a mess anyway. I suspect too many hands (guys in suits) got involved in the final cut.

Sorry it's not a proper review like review, but it really wasn't worth caring for. Avoid. Unless, no, just avoid.

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