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Gerard Butler as Kable
Milo Ventimiglia as Rick Rape
Logan Lerman as Simon
Michael C. Hall as Ken Castle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aa-ron-1 2 / 10


You will see many many user comments here along the line of "hey look, if you're looking for a film with story and reflection of the modern society, you won't find it here, you have to take the film for what it is, if you disliked it because you thought it was anymore than an action film, it's your fault." etc, but that's exactly the problem, I went into this film expecting nothing more than Gerard Butler kicking ass, a film that's basically a video game where you won't have to be controlling, I didn't expect good story or good acting, I was in purely for a bit of special effects and a short amount of time to turn my brain off. Instead I ended up watching what seemed to be a desperate attempt to hook in with the teenager, with cringe worthy moments topped up with languages such as "epic" and "owned", and a story that's pulled out of someone's ass. the plot is so full of holes to a point where I almost wanted to walk out half way through.. (ie vodka and urine simply cannot start a car, if you can remotely control another person's mind, then reading data from someone's head isn't exactly a far fetch, therefore we really don't need lines such as "I thought this technology won't be around for at least a decade"... I could go on, but go and buy this if you think you will enjoy the following:

- 5.56x45mm blowing limbs and heads to pieces

- inappropriate nudity at inappropriate times

- gaming references such as "owned" "epic" "ping"

- dexter (michael c hall) dancing

- peter petrelli (milo ventimiglia) being a pervert

- happy ending where main character drive off to the distance where they'll certainly live happily after

Here is an idea, turn on COD4, go to option and run it as windows mode, and next to the game window, you open VLC playing censored porn, chances are you'll get more out of that than this poor excuse of a movie.

Reviewed by erhmntx 9 / 10

Three films in one -- nuanced & stimulating in every way

The premise of "Gamer" is resoundingly simple: What if gamers could control actual people? Coming into the theater, due to the simple premise and embarrassingly poor marketing of the film, I was expecting a brainless, adolescently indulgent action flick. What I got was a mind-blowing surprise.

"Gamer" is three films in one: (1) Subculture examination of the gamer ethos; (2) Pulse-pounding action movie; (3) Thought-provoking science fiction piece.

As others have mentioned, this film truly brings the gamer experience to the big screen. The battle shots bring MMORPG first-person shooters to real life, and the Sims/Second Life-like scenes played just as true, right down to the robotic, singlemindedly determined motion of the characters. The directors obviously spent many long hours gaming in preparation for this film (or just for fun).

As an action film, "Gamer" holds its own, delivering plenty of fights, battle scenes, and adrenaline-soaked moments. Hollywood knows how to do action, and in "Gamer" you see some of what it has learned from films like "The Matrix", "Saving Private Ryan", and others. I won't say too much, but there's a particularly juicy scene involving some kind of giant snowplow.

"Gamer" shines most brightly, and most unexpectedly, as a science fiction piece. The film interweaves themes familiar to our 2009 reality, including economic desperation, prison overcrowding, the fallout of materialism, and technology naively promoted as a panacea for society's ills.

"Gamer" shows us a society addicted to technology at the expense of facing reality. Masses of gamers, locked in adolescence or enraptured by the promise of mindless self-indulgence without consequence, living solely through their avatars. Desperate segments of society, the poor and criminal, who have surrendered control of their bodies to the will of gamers. A populace that embraces televised war games as a solution to prison overcrowding, rather than addressing the true causes of mass imprisonment. The megalomaniacal pushers of technology running largely unchecked as the masses surrender control.

Michael C. Hall delivers a breakout silver screen performance as the multifaceted Ken Castle -- after his great work in Six Feet Under, this is another power move for his career. Kyra Sedgwick nails her cougar reporter character, who begins the film as another no-conscience profiteer but becomes more through the course of the film. And Gerard Butler plays the hero archetype admirably, as every bit of the man who his spoiled teenage gamer-puppeteer cannot become.

"Gamer" may end up as a cult classic, a slowly growing mainstream success, or could stay underrated indefinitely, but it's definitely worth a view.

Reviewed by red_jacket0707 4 / 10

Seen it before. Twice.

In "The Running Man", an innocent man was framed in order that he is arrested and has to enter a deadly game show. Upon winning this game show he would win his freedom, but the powers that be attempt to ensure that this does not happen.

In "Death Race", an innocent man was framed in order that he is arrested and has to enter a deadly car race. Upon winning this car race he would win his freedom, but the powers that be attempt to ensure that this does not happen.

In "Gamer", an innocent man yadda yadda yadda, you get the idea.the idea itself has been done to death and I knew this before entering the cinema. I hoped to see at least a form of entertainment for an hour and a half, but sadly was met with a confusing mess.

I liked the idea of introducing a new spin on the "Man has to win his freedom by..." genre, but it just seemed such a mess. they had all these ideas and just threw them in with no thought process at all. it was just disjointed all the way through.

It just wasn't done as well as the other two i mentioned - which aren't the most amazing films in their own right anyway, but fairly enjoyable.

i suppose the action set pieces were fairly well done, and i like gerard butler's claim to be Hollywood's new hard guy. he can act better than jason statham. just. his accent is just as dodgy though.

a disappointment.

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