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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ash-21080 1 / 10


Literally so bad i don't enough giving a review is wasting time or an appreciated warning to others. The acting is truly awful in so many aspects! the effects are poor in such ways it was like watching a game from an old console. Couldn't bare to watch anything more after 15m. For what is a good idea of a film.. so many aspects ruin it. If you cannot create visuals like the day after tomorrow, don't even attempt it.

Reviewed by Shawn Connelly 1 / 10

One of those times when I wish IMDb allowed a ZERO rating.

This movie was so bad, it doesn't even warrant a review. However, I feel compelled to issue a warning. Seriously, it's bad and not bad in a way that may result in a cult classic but rather, bad in a way that you want to sue those responsible for wasting your time and money.

Bad acting, worse scripts, poor camera work, ridiculous special effects, and atrocious science (or anti-science).

Sorry, I have nothing to really say about the scenes except to say that within the first ten minutes, you will understand why I gave this a 1 rating. If your time is precious, stop after ten minutes because it doesn't improve.

There was absolutely no talent involved in the making of this movie. Even the title is stupid.

Reviewed by junaidaslam-60748 1 / 10

Terrible, pathetic effects and acting

IT was terrible movie. I mean if you want to show some fiction show it in proper way. Disaster, earthquake , tsunami effects all look fake. Or if we consider this movie to be based on family reunion topic then still it was worst. In one scene the mother's leg was badly stuck under some stone and in the next scene she was walking freely and shown some kungfu stunts on the way as well. In another scene camp of father and son slides all the way from mountain but still they weren't even harmed at all and icing on the cake was when a person came to help all the way up in the mountains from no where. 9.2 earth quake, lightning effects, tsunami and city was still standing what the hell!!!! Please don't waste your time and money for this movie.

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