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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by (trentpatterson518) 2 / 10

One bad low budget film

Tried to watch this one, but talk about boring. It takes 40 minutes before anything happens. There are not really any likable characters in this film, because there is really no character development. As for the special effects, if you can catch any, are bad. It cuts away anytime someone would get shot or bitten so you never really see anything. Acting seems forced and not natural, not that it should be expected as Oscar material. All in all I wouldn't recommend this, the film cover is deceiving. I would generally stay away from any low budget zombie flick, some are good but the majority are awful. **/10. Stick with George Romero's films. Which contain plenty of gore and great special effects.

Reviewed by hudsonda4 7 / 10

Definite Guilty Pleasure

Why am I rating this so high? I wish I knew. If you've read my other reviews then you know I'm a fairly harsh critic of new movies in the horror genre. That's not my fault, I just grew up with awesome horror movies that could scare the crap out of you and had a decent storyline with good acting.

The acting was definitely sub par. The zombie source is very unoriginal. The action scenes weren't all that good.

There were definitely cliché moments along with a bunch of scenes we've seen in other zombie movies. The gore scenes weren't even done very well. I could go on and on.

But seven stars............? The movie had a nice flow to it, something rarely ever seen in a B zombie flick. I'm not sure if there was supposed to be a bunch of comedy in this movie since it isn't billed as a comedy/horror, but it had me laughing out loud at some points and even talking at the screen. Maybe that's why I liked it so much?

If you can stand B horror with some good moments that may be unintentionally funny but still make you laugh and shake your head this is definitely the movie for you. But don't go into it expecting a lot of scares, there were none in this movie.

Reviewed by Seb 5 / 10

Worth seeing

A satellite crashes bringing with it a virus that turns people into people chomping cannibals. All of this takes place around a sleepy small American town protected by a very young deputy sheriff.

I thought it was a pretty good movie, or at least a nice fast moving one most of the time. There's plenty of action and the effects were pretty good and so was the acting.

The camera work is annoying in places though. For some reason it wobbles around wildly when two people are talking but is steady in the action scenes. In some scenes actors nearly vanish off the screen for lack of a tripod.

There's also all that military hardware just sat around as scenery. I would have thought a dozen or so soldiers would give a horde of zombies a run for its money, it's a shame we weren't shown that or more of the hazmat guys freaking out about the situation.

Well nobody likes a long review so I'll just say I liked it and if you like zombie movies and that kind of thing this is a pretty entertaining movie and definitely improves from its shaky opening.

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