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Burn Gorman as Consul
María Valverde as Teresa
Jack Davenport as Vasyl
James D'Arcy as Henry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 7 / 10

War Romance tale set during The Spanish Civil War

James D'Arcy plays an American journalist who is stationed in Guernica in 1937. The German Condor Legion is active and the war is raging all around, but the Republic have strict orders to only allow good new3s out and as such all journalists are censored to the point of mere mouths for propaganda.

Meanwhile he sort of falls for Teresa who is one of the censors, but her Soviet boss, Vasyl (Jack Davenport) is also romantically committed to her and does not take kindly to the dalliance. We also have the brilliant Burn Gorman playing a NKVD agent who is deliciously ruthless (great piece of casting too) and he brings some welcome spice to the proceedings. What follows are the events that put Guernica on the map – 'for all the wrong reasons'.

This is a really well made film with some great performances (accents aside) and high class CGI and a nice attention to detail. The love interest is good but not really going to be legendary and some could say that the bombing was under done, but I found it to be about right – we don't need loads of screen time of people suffering to make the point. In English, Castilian, Basque and some German with good to average sub titles, this is a film that is very much worth checking out.

Reviewed by ibarreno 8 / 10

Sincere Historical Drama is Incomplete, Slow-Paced, & Dry

Here in Spain, every time we see a movie about the Civil War the first thought is "oh no, same old story". Well, this is broken by this story made by Mr. Alba, Mr. Clavijo and Mr. Serra. Without paying attention to political issues, the film describes the happenings of that awful day of the bombs in Gernika through a love story and being respectful to the real events. It is wonderful to see a film carried out so carefully, with so much passion and looking for the spectator's heart. It is impossible not to see this movie without throwing a tear at the end. Furthermore, the Original Soundtrack is awesome, it lays under the story always making the perfect accompaniment; it is worth to listen to it while reading a book ;)

Reviewed by planktonrules 7 / 10

Decent...but at heart not much of a romance.

"Guernica" is a very good film and it's well worth seeing. However, I also assume that most folks just aren't that interested in seeing a film about a town leveled in 1937 during the god-awful Spanish Civil War. Not exactly a crowd-pleaser of a topic for a movie in 2016...but still a well made and interesting film.

To really understand the movie, you should know a bit about this war--things you may not clearly understand when you watch. In 1936, the Spanish people elected a socialist government (often called 'Republicans'). However, a coup soon broken out when right-wing nationalist generals decided to depose their leader and create their own government. It wasn't a quick nor easy process, however, and the bloody war raged on for several years. Soon the Soviets began aiding the government and the Axis powers (Germany and Italy) began sending support to help General Franco and his Nationalist forces ultimately win the war. The destruction of the town of Guernica by the Luftwaffe was soon made famous by Picasso's enormous mural named after this city.

When the film begins, Henry (James D'Arcy) is an American news correspondent who working in Spain during this war. He soon finds frustration in covering the events, as often the Republican Spanish government heavily censors his stories--making them, essentially, bland propaganda. What he doesn't realize is that the Soviets advisers in the country are essentially running both this propaganda campaign as well as a Stalinist system by which 'enemies of the state' are ruthlessly purged...whether or not they are guilty of anything. Because Henry has a habit of stepping on toes, he soon is the subject of one of these purges...and this ends up not only affecting him but his lady, Teresa (Maria Valverde). But just as this trap is sprung, the infamous bombing begins.

While this is a romance, I must emphasize that the romantic portion is not primary. Additionally, the plot will not satisfy romance junkies--it doesn't follow the formula of a romance and is more tragic than heartwarming. Instead, the film is more about the events leading up to the carpet bombing of the town of Guernica as well as a vivid recreation of this...and this fictional romance is woven into this. History junkies, however, will be happy with this choice in focus, as the film did an excellent job trying to get the look right of the German planes, uniforms and costumes. It also didn't portray either side as the good guys or bad guys--a mistake many films often make when they discuss the war. Think about it...Stalin on one side, Hitler and Mussolini on the other! About the only thing that didn't work for me in the film was having Henry knowing absolutely no Spanish...none...which was very odd for a news man living in Spain and investigating what's going on in the war. Odd...but not a serious problem with the film. Overall, an interesting and occasionally powerful film about a seldom discussed topic.

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