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Milo Parker as Tom Thompson / Tom Tomsky
Karoline Herfurth as Hopkins / Frau Hoffmann
Amy Huberman as Emily
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10

Iced spirits

Ghosthunters on Icy Trails comes across as a sub par Ghostbusters/Men in Black hybrid based on a book by Cornelia Funke a German writer who also wrote Inkheart.

It is a film that kids will enjoy as it is made in Germany with a largely German cast, presumably dubbed in English but the main star is English actor Milo Parker and set probably in the USA.

An anxious 11 year old boy Tom finds a slimy green ghost in the cellar of his house. Tom realises that the green ghost called Hugo, is harmless but also in need of his help. Hugo has been banished from his haunted house by a dangerous ancient ice ghost who is spreading arctic freeze all over world.

Tom and Hugo find a professional Ghosthunter, Hetty Cuminseed who has been laid off by the officious Central Ghosthunting Institute.

Hugo looks like Slimer from Ghostbuster, the humour is aimed at kids but the story is decently told. The film does look a bit like a Europudding and the special effects look a bit cheap. Milo Parker gives another appealing performance.

Reviewed by supermaggie 9 / 10

Great ghost fun for everyone young at heart

Cute, suspenseful ghost movie for children and people young at heart or just fans of ghost - fun, a message with heart, good actors and an adorable slimy monster - sure, it does look like Slimer, and, yes, there are Men in Black and other references, but to be honest: which ghost is really original?? Somewhen you have seen it all before, but in this movie, at least it is done nicely and great fun. If you insist on seeing something original, watch "Mara and the firebringer", otherwise this is a movie you will enjoy if you allow yourself to have harmless fun. P.S.: of course there are (seemingly useless) dramatic moments - that's called raising suspense and is used in about every movie, otherwise every movie would be 5 minutes long and be called a short...

Reviewed by Thomas ([email protected]) 4 / 10

Ghostbusters for kids gone wrong

"Gespensterjäger" is a German 100-minute movie (90 without credits) from earlier this year written and directed by Tobi Baumann. Baumann has worked with Engelke and Pastewka many times in the past already and their collaborations have almost always been really funny. Not so this one. Engelke is almost the only positive thing I can mention about this movie. She nails the comedic parts and proves that she is still, after all these years, among Germany's best female comedians. Pastewka we don#t see, but only hear as he voices a ghost named Hugo. Honestly, this character added almost nothing to the entire movie in my opinion and Pastewka was truly wasted.

The film's biggest weakness were probably the dramatic parts about friendship, courage and caring for other people. All this felt really only included for the sake of it and to make this film an experience beyond comedy and supernatural humor. It did not work. Also the characters' actions in these dramatic scenes made hardly never any sense, like Engelke's character shouting at the boy near the end. I wish at least the comedy parts were good enough to let me recommend this to you, but nope. This film was rarely funny and I cannot even say it's a good watch for young audiences. But it's certainly not a good watch for grown-ups. Finally some words on child actor Milo Parker: He seems totally on the rise with this movie here, but also international projects like "Mr. Holmes" or Tim Burton's newest movie. And it looks like the characters he plays in these films aren't small at all. I truly hope these movies turn out better. The script here destroyed something that could have been a pretty good experience. The cast is top-notch and packed with names that are very famous in Germany. Disappointing outcome for that. Not recommended.

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