Get Mean


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mike 3 / 10

Explosion of bad ideas

3 is a strange number to choose as a vote. It implies that the film was bad but it had some (one or two) redeeming qualities (or maybe a single laugh). Although, in this case, I'm unsure what that quality was.

I like spaghetti westerns and chose to watch GET MEAN along these lines. Since the wife was having a sleep I figured I'd get away with watching it alone, but I was sprung not long after it started so I had the embarrassment of her incredulous looks to cope with.

It is not a good film. I suspect the director was drunk, his unsupervised crew raided the props shed while stoned, and three competing writers fell down the stairs together and got their screen plays mixed up.

It starts as a western and quickly escalates into the absurd. Somehow a fight with Vikings in a wild west ghost town, occurs after a witch tells the main character to escort a Spanish princess somewhere. Along the way there are Goths, Huns, Spanish conquistadors, a treasure hunt, more witches, a flaming gay dude, a rich hunchback, and an incoherent story-line so loosely tied together you need a really forgiving imagination to keep up.

The acting is atrocious and Post-production looks like an independent interpretation of the footage with no consultation with the director.

They spent a lot of money on pyrotechnics. Maybe that's where I got the 3 from.

Your credibility will suffer if you get caught watching this crap.

Reviewed by R. Nathan Hund 8 / 10

Fusilli Pasta

I think this one is rated too low at 5.1. It's not nearly that bad. I agree with the comments that say that a lot comes down to what you expect from it. It's got enough SW chops to be called one of the genre. As to what it is best described as... It struck me that it's basically a Spaghetti Western version of a Shakespearean comedy.

Yeah, that's hard to explain without spoilers, so, I say, watch it! There is a new release in 2016 on DVD that is dubbed and has Italian subs. I'd prefer it the other way around, but this is odd enough that it might be better to not be reading the subtitles.

The minimum line requirement on these reviews is VERY tedious. Ever heard that brevity is the soul of wit? Guess not.

Reviewed by marc-366 5 / 10

1976: A Spaghetti Oddity

Now this one really is an oddity! The Spaghetti Western did throw up a few odd films (think Django Kill and its homosexual bandits, Blindman with its 50 wives and nudity, the circus troupes of Sabata, and Providence with its Chaplin-esq antics). But, my, if you thought they were weird, wait until you get a load of "Get Mean".

Tony Anthony returns as the Stranger, but rather than being a parody/rehash (depends on how you view it) of A Fistful of Dollars, this film involves our hero on a quest to Spain to escort a princess for money, amidst the battling Vikings and Moors. Proof if any that the Spaghetti boom was on its last legs, desperately seeking new ways to be innovative.

Anthony is very ham-fisted throughout, but I guess that is part of his charm in this genre. The rest of the cast are, in truth, fairly forgettable.

However strange this film may be (and believe me, it is strange), it remains watchable. Not as a western, but as an oddball art-flick.

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