Girl Most Likely


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Kristen Wiig as Imogene
Julia Stiles as Stage Imogene
Natasha Lyonne as Allyson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steve beard (stevendbea[email protected]) 6 / 10

Quirky But Interesting Comedy

I saw "Girl Most Likely", starring Kristen Wiig-SNL-t.v., Bridesmaids; Annette Bening-Open Range, Mars Attacks!; Matt Dillon-Old Dogs, Wild Things and Darren Criss-Glee-t.v., A Very Potter Musical.

This is a low budget independent comedy that has a quirky tone to it. Kristen is a 30 year old failed playwright that is living in New York. She looses her fiancé' and her job, all in the same day, which leads to a little breakdown and she ends up staying with her mother, Annette, in New Jersey. Her mother has a gambling addiction, as well as a new, younger boyfriend, Matt. Kristen lost her father at an early age, or so she thought, until she finds out that he may still be alive. Oh, and Matt claims to be a C.I.A. operative that goes by the name of George Boosch-he can't tell them his real name because... well, he is a top secret operative for the C.I.A. Darren plays a young wanabe singer-he sings in a Backstreet Boys tribute band-living in her old bedroom that her mother rented out. Kristen's 29 year old little brother-still living at home with Annette-raises and sells crabs, and even made his own crustacean shell to wear, for protection-protection from what? I don't know. Anyway, as you can see, it is the very definition of a dysfunctional family. It's rated "PG-13" for sexual content-no nudity-and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 43 minutes. It is not a laugh-out-loud comedy but it was interesting enough that I would probably buy it on DVD.

Reviewed by kategowen 7 / 10

don't let crappy reviews make you miss it

I've never reviewed a movie here before, but I'm doing it because most of what I've seen online and in my local paper were at best tepid, if not downright negative. Frankly, it is a much better comedy of manners than "Bridesmaids" was-- that one relied far too heavily on the Judd Apatow gross-out factor. (As if proving that women could be as stupid as men is some kind of feminist triumph.) Wiig's skill-- and the terrific Annette Bening's, as well-- is to tread the fine line between comic sketch exaggeration and the rueful comedy in the human condition. One of the better comedies I've seen in awhile, and deserves spreading the good word.

Reviewed by WristFlick 8 / 10

A great surprise and will leave you laughing

I went to see this movie in Paris last night for a premiere, though it was called Imogene. I was inclined to go not because of the story line but that Kirsten Wiig and Darren Criss were doing a Q & A after the showing. That was worth seeing the movie in itself, but I was very pleased with the film.

It may not be a movie you want to spend $10 on a viewing at the cinema but it is very much worth seeing. The dialogue was well written, the characters you grew to care about very quickly. Though, Kirsten has done a movie where her life has gone out of control and she has to get back on her feet, i.e. Bridesmaids, this did feel different. Christopher Fitzgerald as Ralph did brilliantly and often steals whatever scene he's in. Darren Criss does a great job and proves he doesn't need to be typecast he has much more range than you've seen on Glee.

I highly recommend catching this movie at some point and for those who wait for DVD its worth renting for sure.

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