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Melissa Benoist as Marley Rose
Peter Facinelli as Rupert Campion
Grant Gustin as Sebastian Smythe
Matt Bomer as Cooper Anderson

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Reviewed by BasiliskSt 10 / 10

Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Glee presents a nascent high school glee club ready to blossom with the right talent and encouragement.

The lead characters from the adviser to the historically unpopular glee club members are genuinely engaging and attractive, albeit even as occasional subjects of hyperbole.

Our family found it hard to resist the show's charm. From teenagers to parents we were hooked and are anxious for more.

It will be challenging to keep up the level of production demonstrated in the pilot episode, but if Glee manages, Fox will have a truly great hit on its hands.

Lea Michele deserves special mention for her clear, powerful voice and high energy whether moving or standing still. As a sophomore desperate for fame she's credible and her dream doesn't seem impossible when you hear her sing.

Reviewed by Rebekah Whitman 1 / 10

Very disappointed with season 4

Season 1 was fantastic. The plot was amazing and the characters where like able (or at least relatable). Then season 2 came along. It wasn't as brilliant as season 1 but it was still enjoyable. Season 3 started well but then became a downward spiral. The characters were starting to loose what made them, them. I could still watch all of it but sometimes I just couldn't stand some parts. Now we're on season 4 and I just cannot stand the show anymore. I could barely make it through the first episode. The new characters are just awful and there's nothing like able. They tried to make a new Puck with Jake but they failed because no one can be Puck. I just wanted so bad to keep watching the show in hopes that it would get better but now I'm on episode 2 and I'm done. Season 1 episode 1 had me Immedietly but this newest season is a complete disaster. And worst of all is that all the returning characters have completely lost their spark. I wouldn't be surprised if the show got canceled after this season.

Reviewed by toonayoshi 5 / 10

Glee: nothing special.

I was really pumped up for Glee after watching the pilot episode; it seemed like a promising musical comedy. However, throughout season one, I found myself facing disappointment after disappointment.

The only real reason why any other episode after pilot was considered "good" was because it wasn't as bad compared to the previous episode aired. Character development was thrown out the window. "Canon" couples have no basis (i.e. just paired because they're the main characters, paired because the series needs more couples, etc.). Rivalries spring up without a legitimate reason, except to add the needed drama and to have a main antagonist. The humor degenerated with each passing episode-- more of an attempt at crude humor that shows that the script writers were just trying too hard.

The sectionals finale was a big disappointment. Instead of setting up for an actual battle between Glee clubs, the competitors were ridiculous rather than challenging. The Jane Adams girls were great in their performance, no doubt, and they could have been made into tough competitors. But adding in kids from the school of the deaf is an example of failed comedy. The final blow was when both of these schools ever did was consent to copying Schuester's set list, and that the judges didn't really give a crap/know about how to professionally judge this competition-- not that there was any. Where's the anticipation in that?

Only highlight for season two is probably the guest stars. Otherwise, Glee's not that different from, let's say, the Disney channel-- unless you're into the dramatized Kids' Bop kind of stuff. Great singers, bad story (or lack thereof).

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