God's Little Acre


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Michael Landon as Dave Dawson
Tina Louise as Griselda Walden, Ty Ty's daughter-in-law
Vic Morrow as Shaw Walden
Jack Lord as Buck Walden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg ([email protected]) 8 / 10

spinning outta control, Southern style

Apparently, when "God's Little Acre" first came out, much of it was cut for the theatrical release. Watching the unedited version, one can see why (needless to say, it's all pretty tame to us in the 21st century). Part of it is Tina Louise's very presence - I mean, what man wouldn't want to be stranded on an island with Ginger Grant? - but there's also a scene where Buddy Hackett works a pump for a woman in a bathtub (if that scene isn't a double entendre, then I don't know what is!).

As for the movie itself, this story of a Georgia farmer (Robert Ryan) getting convinced that thar's gold in them thar holes in his garden does quite well. The idea of him tearing up his garden is an effective parallel for how the family gets torn up in the process. As for his friendship with the African-American guy, it's probably debatable whether they were sugar-coating race relations, or if they were encouraging tolerance. There could even be debates about how the movie portrays the South in general (the characters do come across as hicks).

But overall, I recommend this flick. Usually, it would sort of weaken the movie to know that some of the cast members later became famous on TV shows - especially since one was known for seducing romantically incompetent men on a certain island - but they all do very well here. This is certainly a movie worth seeing. And the theme song will probably get stuck in your head. Also starring Aldo Ray, Jack Lord, Fay Spain, Vic Morrow and Michael Landon.

Reviewed by Ajtlawyer 6 / 10

worth watching

Robert Ryan is Ty Ty, a Southern cotton farmer and a somewhat crazed version of Jed Clampett. Ty Ty has spent 15 years digging holes on his farm, trying to find the gold he believes his grandfather buried there. The farm is going to waste and everyone on the farm seems to have lost any purpose for living other than trying to find the gold. Ty Ty had dedicated a piece of the farm, "God's Little Acre" to God and his church with the promise that anything found on that acre will go to God. Of course, whenever he feels anything really might be found on it, he moves the acre and tries to cheat God out of His share.

The movie has two sub-plots with Buddy Hackett, of all people, as a candidate for sheriff who is desperately in love with one of Ty Ty's daughters. The water pump and bathtub scene between the two of them is so full of eroticism and innuendo that it about melts the screen. Ty Ty's son, Buck (played by Jack Lord), is married to Griselda (Tina Louise in her movie debut) and Griselda is a magnificent sight to behold, the camera lingering over her all natural bosom so often that the temperature spikes every time she's on screen. Buck is obsessed that Griselda still has a thing for his brother-in-law, Will (Aldo Ray) who is on his own desperate mission to try and re-open the mill which has shut down and thrown the entire valley out of work.

Buck's suspicions are not without foundation because whenever Griselda and Will are together, the heat is enormous. I found the first half of the movie somewhat hard to follow but it is an interesting story. Is Ty Ty a man of faith or is he just caught up in an obsession? It is evident that the search for the gold is what is really important to him, not finding it.

Two performances stand out---Robert Ryan is very good as the demented Ty Ty and Tina Louise is excellent as the sensuous Griselda. Tina received a Golden Globe after this movie came out and her career seemed poised to really take off. She showed an acting ability and charisma which was sorely wasted on "Gilligan's Island" years later.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Walden Family Values

For whatever reason the producer's decided that God's Little Acre should be set in no specific time rather than in the dust-bowl thirties where and when it belongs, it kept the film from being a great film. It's still a good film to watch, but it misses greatness by a length.

Erskine Caldwell wrote this and set in firmly the Depression. And for rural America, the Depression did not begin when the stock market crashed. It began after World War I when the demand for our farm produce dropped with the coming of peace. Agriculture had no price support system then, it was the beginning of the end of the family farm, be it corn or cotton. The stock market crash just exacerbated the situation.

But this Walden family has its own set of problems starting with the head of the family, Robert Ryan. As Ty Ty Walden, he's digging up the farm rather than working it, looking for some buried gold left from Civil War days. He's got three sons and two daughters and one fetching daughter-in-law, Tina Louise who is married to one son, Jack Lord, but has her heart set on her sister Helen Westcott's husband Aldo Ray.

Before she was movie star Ginger Grant and a castaway, Tina Louise was quite the sex object, she's also got another son, Lance Fuller all hot and bothered over her. He's gotten away from his family of rustics, he married a wealthy widow who up and died and left him well fixed. Of course he has the least amount of character among the whole bunch.

Jack Lord and Vic Morrow are the other sons. Lord in his days before he was telling Danno to book 'em played a lot of nasty types on screen. Here he's not nasty, but he's one powerfully jealous fellow. Fay Spain had a brief career as a young sex pot due to this film as the youngest in the family and one flirtatious young thing.

This film was loaded with TV stars in the making. Michael Landon has a very nice part as an albino these rustics believe has special powers that can divine where gold is. He's captured by them and put to work tramping all over Ryan's acres looking for the buried gold. He's a true innocent that Fay Spain seeks to seduce while she's still being courted by Buddy Hackett who's a local politician running for sheriff. Michael Landon or Buddy Hackett? I mean, really, who would you choose?

Though some of the left-wing polemics were drained from the film, this was the fifties, Anthony Mann still managed to get his cast to deliver a powerful and entertaining film.

I will say this about the ending, the audience gets the message for sure about what's important in life, but it looks Ryan never will.

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