God's Not Dead 2


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Jesse Metcalfe as Tom Endler
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Maria Canals-Barrera as Catherine Thawley
Ernie Hudson as Judge Robert Stennis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by t_atzmueller 1 / 10

God is not dead 2 (translates to: One Leg is still twitching)

What drove me into this film? Well, that is hard to describe since in English there apparently doesn't exist an equivalent word for the German term "Schadenfreude". But allow me to elaborate: I am a sucker for bad movies. I love the Ed Wood and Al Adamson flicks, Italian cannibal flicks, German schnitzel-westerns, Ninja flicks from Hong Kong, Greek porn-comedies, etc. I openly admit and repent not. Yes, I do own a copy "Saving Christmas" and watch every Kirk Cameron flick (again: "Schadenfreude"). I only realized that there was a sequel to the original train-wreck when somebody pointed out that "Batman vs. Superman" is only doing so well at the box-office because there was no competition apart from a handful of bible-thumping-flicks. So I took a pilgrimage of-sort (the only cinema that showed it was about an hour's drive away) and to put it into the words of the target-audience, let me now testify to what I hath witnessed and speaketh unto thee: Long story short (remember: this story prattles on for more than two hours, though it actually feels a lot longer): Melissa Joan Hart (best – and ironically – remembered for her lead in the TV-show "Sabrina, the teenage witch"; Catchphrase "Woohoo!") plays a high school teacher, who is suddenly overcome with that ol' itch and begins to sermonize to her students about her believe – in history-class, no less. The logic consequence ensues and she's given the boot, just as a math-teacher would get canned, if he began to preach that one and one is the Holy Trinity. But, unwilling to understand that a school isn't a church, she goes to court and fights for her "god-given" right to preach to children in a class-room.

Now, imagine that scenario: your child comes home from school and, when asked what he/she had learned that day, he/she replies that the god Ganesha has an elephant head (History-class), the basics of L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics (English-Literature-Class), the basics of Alchemy (Science) and Phrenology-101 (Biology). And that the P.E.-teacher was handing out communion wafers and splashed the students with holy water. I presume that most people would be like "WTF!?" and sue the school for all it's worth. So would any fire-and-brimstone-cussing evangelist. But we're not talking any old heathen religion (Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism, you name it), we're talking about the "real deal" – which may sound cynical to some readers, but that is exactly the stance this "movie" and its ilk takes.

Sure, we could argue that religion should be taught in school. Plenty of time for the kids to learn about all those countless deities, gods and demi-gods, from Zeus to Odin to Jehovah, and to heck with history, geometry and basic science. I can guarantee you one thing: By the end of the semester, those kids won't even be able to read and write properly, but will be convinced that people once-upon-a-time rode on dinosaurs and slew dragons.

Back to the film: of course "God is not Dead 2" tries to establish itself as some Anti-"Inherit the Wind". All the Christians are portrayed as saints and martyrs, thrown into the lion-pits of a cruel, unjust (and ungodly) world, which wants nothing more than to take away their crutch for reality. "We are the victims and everybody else is the enemy", is the prevailing message, and it makes it very clear, why many Christian fundamentals are considered the American answer to the Taliban. If this sentiment would have been around in the 1940's, surely a Nazi war-criminal would have jumped up at the Nuremberg trials, demanding that the judge "stop oppressing me!" And if you ask me about acting, editing, production-values and everything else that goes with a real movie: well, it's a two-hour-plus sermon, featuring either zealots or washed-up has-beens, happy to see the front of a camera. And sure, there'll be plenty of claqueurs, who'll clap and cheer this flick, calling it the greatest thing since Noah's flood, etc. But don't let yourself be fooled. It's trash, no matter how you look at it. Again, if you have seen "Inherit the Wind", you might remember how that film ended; hence, here goes the mandatory one point out of ten.

Reviewed by (MoviesRT) 10 / 10

Fantastic and moving film - even better than the first one!!

I knew when I saw the low rating that I absolutely had to see this movie to find out the truth.

I went in with low expectations. I liked the first one a lot because it showed how history and science support the Bible and indeed the creation of this universe, but I had no idea this one would be even better. If you have a tender or emotional bone in your body, it will bring tears to your eyes. Don't listen to the haters, this movie is incredibly well done. And very moving.

The sheer volume of hatred towards the movie shows how effective it is in getting its message across. I doubt all the negative ratings are coming from anyone who actually saw the movie, but maybe they fear it for its effectiveness. Who knows?

Very realistic and timely, hitting on all the topics that are currently affecting this country and the world.

The persecution of Christians is not just happening overseas. We see the attacks every day in the news here in the US, especially in our schools.

It was great to see Pat Boone and Fred Thompson. The latter just died last year. Glad he was able to be part of this before he passed.

And having the famous author, Lee Strobel, confirming the authenticity of the Bible and J. Warner Wallace confirming scientifically the existence of Jesus was an added bonus.

The reviewers who said this was all fabricated either live under a rock or are denying reality. How could people not know what's going on?

Sad that they pan a great movie because of their hatred for truth.

Maybe we need more brave souls to stand up and let others know about how great this movie is. I'll start...

Bottom line: Best movie I've seen in the last few years - by far!!

Reviewed by NoWireHangers 1 / 10

More Christian paranoia with no basis in reality.

God's Not Dead 2 is another paranoid fantasy where Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs in the US. A teacher, Grace Wesley, is asked a question about Jesus in history class and gives an innocent answer. Suddenly, an arsenal of evil atheists led by the ACLU takes her to court for violating the separation of church and state. Meanwhile, pastors are forced to hand in their sermons for review by a government agency in a subplot that is introduced and then dropped and never resolved.

The whole plot is ludicrous. In the real world, the villains obviously wouldn't have a case because Wesley didn't actually preach to her students. But for the sake of the plot she's taken to court so that we can get to hear "expert witnesses" like Lee Strobel tell us that Jesus really existed, as if that's what the case was really about. In the closing credits, about a dozen real court cases are cited as inspiration, but if you read the summaries about them not even one of them is even remotely similar to the case in the movie. This just shows that the whole premise of the movie is a complete straw man with no basis in reality, designed to feed the persecution complex of some Christians. Movies like this only makes Christians look ridiculous.

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