God's Not Dead


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
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Dean Cain as Marc Shelley
Kevin Sorbo as Professor Radisson
Shane Harper as Josh Wheaton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jrcham94 1 / 10

Unbelievably simplistic

I was dragged to this "movie" by a Christian friend who keeps thinking that I"ll finally come around to her religious way of thinking. Jeez, it was worse that I expected. Atheists are portrayed as evil beings who "hate god" and are determined to convert Christians. Actually, atheists do not "hate" god; god is simply something they don't believe exists. As to forcing their way of thinking on anyone, the movie has it backwards. It's Christian zealots who demand that everyone think like them. Most atheists - those that I know anyway - are happy to let others believe as they wish as long as they don't force their "values" on the rest of us. As to production values, etc., the film is pretty basic. The lead actor over-emotes and the supporting cast of Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain look pretty silly. The plot is pretty much what you'd think. Thoughtful friends shouldn't let friends see this piece of propaganda: it has no basis in reality. As to Christians, knock yourself out. Like Fox News, it's been produced to reinforce your preconceptions without actually presenting another point of view in anything resembling a thoughtful way.

Reviewed by Steven Wright 1 / 10

Offensive in it's basic premise

The movie begins with the premise that the 'atheist' Professor is such as he has rejected God in anger over the death of his mother. This is not an atheist, this is a Christian having a snit fit and rejecting his religion of choice.

An atheist does not carry the debate if the Christian God is alive or dead; we believe neither any more than we discuss Santa Claus. To suppose that the atheist believes that there was a god, alive, dead or just really drunk is just insulting.

If you're going to try to offend atheists, please be semi-accurate in representing the MAIN character as one rather than falsely labeling your own 'brother' as one.

I love a good propaganda movie like any other good Murican but come on.

Reviewed by joefred-962-369729 2 / 10

It's Bad and I'm Sorry

I am a Christian pastor and genuinely appreciate the efforts of those who try to engage the culture in creative ways. However, someone needs to say this. This movie isn't particularly good. Although it may offer Christians some apologetic material, it will fail to engage the larger culture in any meaningful way. The reason for this is simple. Most Christians seem wholly unable to grasp the difference between propaganda and art. Art is a powerful but subtle tool that draws people in and causes them to question their assumptions without even realizing it . Propaganda is a blunt force instrument for communicating dogma in story form. Without any shadow of a doubt this film is more propaganda than art, and thoughtful atheists will see it for what it is even if Christians can't. Perhaps we need fewer Christians doing art and more artists serving Christ. There haven't been any decent Christian films since "The Passion of the Christ" and the "Chronicles of Narnia."

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